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(661.03 KB 3008x2344 1602521667072.jpg)
Anonymous 07/17/2021 (Sat) 17:03:13 No. 209
Need help to start this thread.
Looks like you need mental help. No one cares about a faceless set of tits there are millions of them online
(119.46 KB 768x1024 1603250092968-0.jpeg)
Sorry,yes I might need mental help.
she's hot
She's damn hot
>>237 well it's been a few days. I would dump photos directly, but keep getting a "connection failed" popup. This is all the photos and videos of her from the old thread and that I have found on 4archive. I'd probably pay for the facial vid (screenshot included). Post more if you got it, I'll come back and re-up if this gets taken down. anonfiles dot com/jaa0s98cu0/e_7z
>>346 THANK You!!!! I lost these a while ago, so good to have them again. This girl is treat I would pay for her facial.
>>346 thanks it'd be nice if other vids (or uncompressed versions of what was posted) surfaced.
>>349 There was a cute brunette that he facialed also, as well as a pair of girls. Somewhere there is a stash of goods.
I have a couple of blonde sets but want the brunette or preferably the threesome set.
Found a gem from the old thread but for some reason I can't upload
(57.05 KB 768x1024 1602521591284.jpg)
(42.30 KB 585x778 IMG_20210402_095819_448.jpg)
Bump need videos
(1.77 MB 4032x3024 1616353391031-0.jpg)
I hope you didn't forget about her, anons.
>>761 I have forgot, just lost that one. All these chicks are wonderful!! Someday pray find out more!
(1014.53 KB 2998x3455 1628363559220.jpg)
>>763 I haven't forgot about her! I've been looking for more :) >>446 Sexy pic
(1.67 MB 1080x1920 1616353288625-2.png)
Need more
(1.86 MB 1628368660060.webm)
Didn't see this in the uploaded files
(1.53 MB 1628369153573.webm)
And one more...unfortunately everything else I have of the blonde has already been posted
(1.20 MB 2988x3259 1584573324242.jpg)
Would definitely love more of the brunette
Wow... Who are these sluts, and is that the same cock with different girls?
(1.65 MB 4032x3024 1556760640739.jpg)
>>420 I want more of the brunette too. I don't have any full sets, but here's what little I've got of the threesome
Wow, who are these girls? And is that the same dude in all the pictures?
(1.29 MB 1440x1080 1565856657370.png)
>>783 Apparently some sugar daddy got himself some sugarbabies, and then shared the fun :)
(1.32 MB 1080x1920 1565855518149.png)
that's all I found of the threesome...hopefully others can post more
(1.67 MB 1080x1920 1570288933102-1.png)
(1.74 MB 3024x4032 1617673779406.jpg)
I have Blondie, Curly, and the skinny brunette. Need thick brunette and threesome.
>>803 curly?
>>805 The first girl. There's a another blonde with straight hair. Do you know the one I'm talking about?
>>803 Can you post more of the skinny brunette?
(1.80 MB 4128x2322 20160315_220941.jpg)
>>816 Interesting, don't think I'd seen her before. Definitely interested in the other girl >>446
(839.57 KB 4128x3096 20160315_210903-min.jpg)
(774.89 KB 3088x4128 3686634-7A4E0-min.jpg)
>>816 More of her. I think she was the first girl he worked with.
>>826 What numbers?
(820.45 KB 3088x4128 20160315_210010-min.jpg)
(1.68 MB 1080x1920 1618329910658.png)
Has anyone seen even a preview of the entire folder for the threesome sets?
>>813 need more of her!
>>210 Go fuck yourself.
do tell (or show)
>>1149 I definitively confirmed that Thick Brunette is not in the threesome. It's a look-alike.
>1252 oh so nothing special. whats his name or studio?
Gonna bump. Hopefully someone can help.
Anyone get the set on [email protected] w!ms?
I also hope some hero here will post her set...
(1.66 MB 1044x4696 Eryn-Young-prev.jpg)
Anyone? please
id rather see the burnette chick, any more of her???
Please someone must have it
her full set was just posted to SW VIP. any chance a VIP drop it here?
>>1491 >>1500 This looks pretty good but the blowjob videos (posted here) and the facial (holy grail) aren't in the image.
>>1517 The description says 18 videos and 184 photos in her file so I bet their in there.
If anyone has has SW pack I'm willing to pay.
Well, I got the SW pack. No cumshot, but a pretty good fucking video (from ex) so I'm not too upset. There must be more out there.
>>1588 Gonna share or hoard?
>>788 Who is this girl? does he do the whole daddy spill to her too
(319.99 KB 1365x1366 2021.jpg)
(132.56 KB 683x1024 IMG_1029.jpg)
(638.76 KB 1080x1620 2019.jpg)
(98.18 KB 450x600 20140813 .jpg)
(60.16 KB 378x570 2014.jpg)
(83.73 KB 493x744 2012.jpg)
>>1618 She is a struggling actress, amateur singer and professional escort (to pay the bills). Dude was paying her to be his private cum dumpster AKA Whore.
(487.20 KB 453x688 IMG_1393.png)
>>1626 No, not her, THIS GIRL
>>1626 Bump for more! Anyone have the Mega, or links to the full vids?
>>No. 1626 I wonder how much he paid the girl for one night?
Anyone having luck on finding the Blondes file??
>>1717 let me know I have the full set
any chance of posting it?
(118.28 KB 1280x602 kirbi-kutchins-statewins2.jpeg)
(125.87 KB 1280x600 eryn-young-statewins2.jpeg)
Can somebody upload Eryn Y. or Kirbi K.? I would realy appreciate. tnx
(1.93 MB 1617937394739.webm)
>>1722 >>1775 Look for the full October set from that site online. Both are in there.
>>1869 they were removed
anonfiles dot com/hd15G2Sdu8/EY_zip Has some duplicates of other stuff already posted, and pics are watermarked, but it's better than nothing.
>>1900 Thank you for sharing! Cheers.
bump anyone have other girls?
>>761 can you share this girl? where can we find this
>>816 >>831 Damn she's sexy, would love to see more of her if anyone's willing to share