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File: 1593648134227.jpg (10.34 KB, 318x231, Teramissu_MyFreeCams.jpg)

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Teramissu of MFC, I heard she has done b/g hardcore, can anyone confirm?


probably not. but she did enough privates, so vids should be available of her using toys, doing anal and dp


File: 1594798986448.jpg (43.56 KB, 1004x748, Teramissu 1.jpg)

can cofirm she knew how to use her toys, too bad she stopped workin


can't find any decent vids, only very old group shows

anyone have moar?


what's MFC


MFC is the cam girl site where she worked


fuck, i'd pay to see her ride that dildo!


go to her mfc profile and contact her about a custom video, pricey though

miss her pvt shows and how she would be drippin with cream after cumming


wow, she charges 5000 tokens for a sexy video and 10000 to show her pussy

thats too much, she cant be that good! for that price i can have a top class escort take it in the ass and give her a golden shower


got one of her vids. she will do anything for the right amount of money, such a slut


File: 1599687451376.jpg (25.34 KB, 424x758, possible SweetFreiya.jpg)

is this her? found it as sweetfreiya


definitely not her


File: 1600210787087.jpg (9.92 KB, 352x198, tersamissu5.jpg)

this is her, see the difference?



whatever the board is doing here
search for teramissu on porn h.u.b.




File: 1603353851968.jpg (51.33 KB, 1158x896, Teramissu prv.jpg)

yes, she was wild in private shows, total filipina fuckdoll




no, from one of my old prvt sessions with her


File: 1604478643021.jpg (27.61 KB, 687x600, teramissu topless.jpg)

i remember how she wouldnt even go nude in pvt at the beginning
it was hard to even get her to show her tits


lol, i think i saw her irl


pics or it didnt happen


anyone ever saw any private show with her posted? or have any to trade?


i have recordings and photos
she showed all for the right amount


would be nice if you could share bro


sorry, but i wont share for free what cost me thousands to get. i can trade or sell though.


I’d buy or trade w you


right, shoot me an email at protonmail


Sorry, what email is that? I’m confused


File: 1608397358368.jpeg (2.51 MB, 624x3286, Tera.jpeg)

k_i_k …. faptasticals


just use my name and add <at> proton mail <dot> <com>


Gotcha. Sent.


i wonder if anyone ever got her to take her dildo in the ass?


"cost me thousands to get."

I can fuck this abg for $750 in Vegas. You got scammed.



sure, you can get SOME abg in Vegas, even cheaper than that.
But not this one…


she looks familiar, did she use different names?



You keep on being you bro.


yes, she also used the names Tera4U, SweetTera, SweetFreiya, Office360, CrazyGalaxy, BubbleDVA and Shannar4


is she stripping or escorting in Vegas?


i did many pvts with her. how much pussy she showed depended on her mood and how much she had been drinking


nobody cares bro, except you want to share


anynody got the vid that was offered via k i k? please post it here!


anyone know where to book, her if she's escorting?


Do you honestly believe she is escorting? If you do, then you are full on retarded.


why not? many cam models escort
no idea where she lives, but i remember her profile once said that she would meet customers for 500K tokens (which is ridiculous)


he's right, according to her profile she charged 500K tokens (roughly $40K) for a "coffee date"
but I can't believe anyone would pay that amount of money to have a coffee with her - or even to fuck her


Haha a woman looks like that doesn’t cost more than $20 in Philippines


not really. beautiful, classy girls cost more


This hoe is old af and could be loooose too. If she loaded, I’ll be her sugar bb lol


doesn't look old to me, how do you know?


Skinny milf


I miss her


Why u miss my mom. Not cool


looks like she's not for everyone, but has some die-hard fans
why don't you guys post her pvts so we can all be the judges?


miss her and her juicy lips too


hope she will return. need more b/g videos of her


MORE b/g videos? that's ridiculous, I am sure she didn't do any


sure, whatever makes you happy. if you want to believe she was such a good girl that she would never do such things, go ahead. in the meantime i will enjoy her naughty videos…


Fun Fact: All the camgirls on MFC from California and Las Vegas, plus the few exceptions from Portland, Chicago, Canada, and Texas are prostitutes. So basically, all of them.

I don't think they make much money on MFC, whatever the Miss MFC rankings claim. Most of them have been around for years, if they were rich they would have quit a long time ago.


generally true, a lot of cam girls are up for occasional escorting
there is a class of girls who make a lot of tokens though, they just don't quit because they are greedy, just like this lil bitch. not sayint that she earned a lot of tokens on cam though ;)


she is not in the US, but in Europe


proof or it didn't happen


come on, just leave her alone! stop posting her pictures or videos!


lol, a white knight


what are you? her pimp or her bf? or do you just love her forever?


guess he just wants to see more videos of her uploaded to the v o l a


guess someone just did…


where can I find the vola link?


it's on the Asian Angels vola


maybe one day i will let you guys see what i have, on a more private platform


thanks for the flood on the vola, some good stuff!


they're just most videos from cw tv
better stuff is posted on another vola


And which vola is that?


by invitation only. check my profile on vola


whoever put those videos on motherless is a king!


Under what name? "Teramissu" only brings up 1 result. How about a link…


I just searched thru 139 pages of the vola Toplist and couldn't find your name, or missed your name. Can u just provide a link to your profile please? There is no way of searching a membership name as far as I know.


Nvm figured it out


really? let me check


Anyone care to share the info on how to find that vola?


so what's up with those videos?


taken down or removed by uploader
there were 2 new, explicit videos


Would someone who got them upload to Asian angels vola?


as he said, check his profile on vola


File: 1615131978841.jpg (17.26 KB, 556x200, anonib2.jpg)

probably fake


How do you even check his profile when you don’t know his username?


it's right there


File: 1615401991139.jpg (6.9 KB, 285x240, Teramissu spreading anonib.jpg)

the one in the middle is definitely not fake


where did you get that from?


File: 1615479601327.jpg (21.83 KB, 600x451, Teramissu spreading 2 anon….jpg)

from the same video…


they're all real, she did a lot of 'work' on the side


Well, how do I get them? Or are people just trying to gloat that they have them? I can trade/pay, whatever


some stuff is in the vola room but not all, haven't seen the video these last screenshots came from


check his post >>31197


did you you find it?


did any of you subscribe to her OF and download the content before she closed it down?


his username was in his post…



The further East or South you go the cheaper the hookers.


true. maybe that's why she was anything but cheap. but tbh, she was worth it


you mean on cam?


on and off the cam
nearly nobody knew, but she tried her luck on other sites like of, many vids as well
and as someone else already mentioned, camming and escorting often go hand in hand ;)


that vola has a password. how do you get it?


just send an email


Teramissu had an onlyfans?? What did she post?


not a lot really. just a few teasing pics, trying to sell her videos in DM


Bullshit, she didn't have an OF


lol, what are you? a butthurt white knight? or jealous cuz she didnt let you in on it?


fuck you, post some pics or vids as proof


i am sure he wont lol


File: 1616779017749.jpg (29.4 KB, 550x564, teramissu onlyfans anonib.jpg)

ofcourse i am not going to post the pics or vids from her of, they were expensive, $50 for 1 month


50 bucks for 12 posts. Lol they better be dam good posts,


they weren't, i unsubbed after the 1st month. she probably just used it to attract buyers for the pics and vids she sold via DM
closed her account about 2 weeks after my subscription ended, she never posted any update during the whole time


Dam, she’s hot but not worth provided what you get, sunny is 50 dollars a month, and her customs are expensive but she actually does them at least,


yeah, what she posted on of sucked. but the stuff she sold privately was good. expensive, but good.


there's nothing?


damn, her white knights work fast


can anyone post her content here? or interestd in trading pvt shows?


File: 1617622141584.png (576.85 KB, 996x752, anonib.png)

for trading contact <myname up there> [at] proton mail



File: 1617713151430.jpg (48.65 KB, 827x887, anonib tera nude.jpg)

you say you want more of her? here you are. youre welcome.


bump for wins


her profile on mf.c is still online, is she still active?


no, she quit in 2019
all thats left are a few group shows and the occasional pvt - and very few pictures. she sold them for a a lot of money, thats why they usually dont get posted


File: 1617982339114.jpg (5.25 KB, 240x180, teramissu doggy.jpg)

pictures like this?


dude, that's as fake as it gets


what? I paid that guy $20 to send me the full-sized original, fucking scammer!


Lol, what a tool


It was easy to see it's a fake, but I pity you. Contact me at my proton mail


Thanks bro!

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