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916 916 07/08/2021 (Thu) 10:08:21 No. 13
Gotta be something
Does anyone want to just get the disgusting Petco pig out of the way?
>>15 LMAO! I'm sure he will be along shortly.
Oak Ridge ‘16 B3lla G Any wins?
I know for a fact Madison M has stuff out there, she used to send a bunch to different guys.
>>39 that doesnt mean the guys are on here lmao.
Quite literally a man
Anyone got any folsom? More of v or c or other boomz girls?
(51.52 KB 640x480 DEB93AC.jpeg)
(31.04 KB 359x480 1440628627553-3.jpeg)
Wynter H
>>225 Holy fuck. Any more?
>>451 Looks familiar got more?
We have wins put them out there
Anyone got ch3ryl mcminn?
>>553 Why don't you post some wins then? LOL
Damn, you guys suck. Nudes from like 2010 rofl.
(311.65 KB 1372x1372 IMG_4276 (1).JPG)
recognize her?
(317.61 KB 1372x1372 IMG_4701.JPG)
(301.96 KB 1372x1372 IMG_4716.JPG)
(359.33 KB 1372x1372 IMG_4719.JPG)
>>782 No, but she's figgin' hot! Are there more images?
>>934 shes got great tits. any more?
(101.30 KB 1000x958 308_1000.jpg)
(241.93 KB 1125x1115 IMG_2449.jpg)
(218.42 KB 1125x1085 IMG_2448.jpg)
>>967 was there more of her with the dog?
>>1004 Any vids of her being creampied?
Anyone seen her around Folsom?
Bumping for c or v from folsom. Used to be posted frequently.
Ashley D
Ashley D
>>1076 >>1075 Where did you get these? I've been looking for YEARS.
>>1076 >>1075 Also, who else do you have from Citrus Heights? I'm willing to drop a ton if there are great finds.
>>1010 >>1010 Going to need to see these two. Need more folsom here
Need Lauren h, saw it on old thread
Anyone have Lauren S from orangevale/Roseville?
>>1140 any photos of her?
>>1140 Lauren San? Blonde?
>>1202 …sen. casa 2017.
>>1228 name?? she’s amazing
>>1228 bump
>>1077 We used to fuck.
>>1342 Any pics or vids of you guys fucking? Maybe her blowing you or something? Either way I appreciate the posts.
>>1386 Post some more folsom!
>>1384 Damn those are some great tits. name/more?
>>1451 Fffuck holy shit I know her
>>1454 No doubt, she is fine as wine 👌🏻 Now pay it frwd to all the other 916 bros
yes. need casa. specifically c*a*r*l*e*y i.
Alex D
Lauren S from casa 2017? She used to fuck her brother.
>>1523 What’s the last name?
>>1485 she made a fans and never posted anything. had some good ones on her ig though. heard she used to have threesomes with her friend and take pics
Megan S? She has huge titties!
Any wins on her?
This whore is from my FORBIDDENord and is always showing off; more on request
>>1228 Is there more? Can you post whole folder? She is so hot!!
>>1557 post the rest
Dammit. Meant to post this here. Any more Ashley D?
Anybody got the pics of Megan with the Mosto?
Any wins?
(588.00 KB 1536x2048 image.jpeg)
>>1626 Her?
>>1652 YES! More please!
Anyone got Sami H. from GBHS? Heard her ex leaked her nudes a few years back
>>1075 Thank you anon, any bridget or roxanna?
>>1663 I mean, if you insist
>>1665 You are a legend, any Stephanie A? Ill post some stuff when i can as thanks
>>1666 No Stephanie A or Roxanna S, though I’d be pleased as punch if anyone had some and would share more Ashley D and Bridget S if anyone had some. Here’s some Rene P
>>1668 Roxanna S or Ciara M specifically. Please!
>>1659 Damn really, hope somebody comes through. Howd you hear about it?
>>1667 God DAMN, thanks anon
>>1672 What's the story behind Kelsey? Reddit or Onlyfans model.
>>1677 She’s just some local Citrus Heights skank I met at Holy Diver. She should start an onlyfans tho, she’d make a mint.
Can we get some more folsom
>>1679 Got more?
(190.99 KB 842x1529 IMG_8152.JPG)
(1.53 MB 1125x2014 IMG_8154.JPG)
Cassidy M Folsom
(377.89 KB 1125x1453 IMG_2435.jpg)
(358.82 KB 1125x1903 IMG_2439.jpg)
(51.13 KB 640x480 IMG_8164.JPG)
(1.29 MB 1125x1485 IMG_8163.JPG)
emily may folsom
>>1680 Upload Kelsey S videos We raised the max file size to 50mb. If you can't upload the videos, we suggest to use a file host such as mega or anon files.
>>1681 Plz keep going
>>1684 >>1685 >>1686 Keep posting folsom!
Anyone have Lauren S from orangevale?
Anyone have Lauren H from Antelope?
>>1680 more?????
Thank you for posting Ashley, Bridget and Renee. Does anyone have their friend Sheila H?
>>1685 Somebody knows how to take a good nude. Please post more of you got it. I posted more Bridget (and my dick) just for you
(824.80 KB 1068x1068 20181223_200203.png)
Stefani H. Anyone have more?
(302.59 KB 470x1080 20210920_170902.png)
(616.10 KB 578x1200 20210920_171049.png)
(101.39 KB 1080x1346 ashleyrhinehart_20210820_2.png)
Looking for Sam H, Ashley W, Alyssa A and Ashley R.
>>1672 Kelsey s last name?
(286.86 KB 1080x1350 jessicaannhecox_20210920_2.png)
(174.19 KB 960x673 20211004_205115.jpg)
Jessica H.
(95.24 KB 1080x1920 kayla_l_kellen_20210213_1.png)
(139.27 KB 1080x1080 fmlkay32_20201025_0.png)
(37.12 KB 736x552 IMG_20200903_185043_708.jpg)
(39.52 KB 736x552 IMG_20200903_185041_190.jpg)
Kayla R/K
>>1721 It’s smith, so good luck tiger. My advice if you meet her is to have Coke or mushrooms or Molly. And to not let her spend the night if you can help it.
Ah hell, as long as I’m giving you guys the benefit of me whoring around the sac rave scene, here’s Amarina C.
>>1725 >>1680 >>1672 Ha I went to school with her, good to see shes still a hot mess
I also have some Briana W, some Anna F, and some Maricela P I’ll try to get to you guys. Share! Share! The sac scene is filled with beautiful bitches just aching to send nudes for a lil attention, some tickets to a good band, and a lil coke. Share!
Shante H
>>1732 What’s shante’s last name?
>>1728 Yeah, I would say that’s accurate. She told me, while suckin my dick, that her last two bfs had been broken into shortly after they broke up. So when 4am rolled around and I’d busted my last nut, I was like “yeah, so you want an Uber or…” Still she was a lot of fun til she got crazy and weird. Great fucking body and really eager to please
>>1733 Hall. Went to Mesa.
>>1734 Looks like a pleaser. Got any Kelsey videos?
Asia B. Anyone got more? Where are all the sac sisters?
Bump, I love black bitches from sac
>>1670 she got her ex locked up for it I think
Taylor D from Orangevale.
Any of her?
Any more of Kayla R? I know she had a bj vid on a porn site a few years ago before it got removed.
>>1795 She's fn hot
(101.30 KB 1000x958 308_1000.jpg)
(102.08 KB 1000x996 675_1000.jpg)
(110.58 KB 1000x986 700_1000.jpg)
(107.70 KB 1000x964 759_1000.jpg)
(106.59 KB 1000x992 686_1000.jpg)
(136.81 KB 996x1000 671_1000.jpg)
Nicole T folsom
>>1740 Allie M. Miss black Sacramento 2012
>>1819 These are great. Thank you!
need Lauren R
(1.12 MB 720x1280 1563694155906.png)
>>1827 or Kori B
Any of c or v that boomz used to post?
More granite bay whose got em? Any 2010?
>>1824 >>1826 Damn she fine, no pussy pics?
>>1838 Not much. No shade on those who like em, but them gynecological up close shots aren’t for me.
(127.86 KB 368x420 IMG_8235.jpg)
(54.85 KB 683x791 IMG_8253.JPG)
(593.20 KB 2172x1448 IMG_8255.JPG)
@[email protected] K [email protected] Used to model in Sac area, now lives in PNW. Anyone got anything?
(21.45 KB 500x667 AC287E6.jpg)
(16.41 KB 217x359 AC287E7.jpg)
(25.96 KB 640x480 AC287E9.jpg)
(18.86 KB 640x480 AC287EA.jpg)
(17.52 KB 537x428 FAV.jpg)
(23.91 KB 483x580 AC287EC.jpg)
Hoping to see more like this! Mrtina frm Rsvl
(43.32 KB 540x720 Natalie Holmes.jpg)
lookn for more rsvl/oakmt/wdcreek 08-10
Used to strip in the bay and lv
>>1858 Got any more?
>>1652 Do you have any more of Megan?
>>1075 Is there more Ashley D?
>>1717 any vids?
>>1858 Nudes? More?
Anyone got kelseys insta?
>>1718 Thanks anon! Any of her pussy?
(1.99 MB 1280x960 IMG-3034.PNG)
Kimmy S from folsom looking for more
(1.21 MB 750x1334 IMG-3032.PNG)
(1.15 MB 750x1334 IMG-3033.PNG)
Any Caroline or "c" from folsom? Looking for more or the full set.
Stripper from Sac. Has a blow job and se tape floating around the net. Anyone have it?
>>1942 Come on man, don’t play us like that
>>1940 It has been posted multiple times over the years. stfu already.
>>1827 Bumping Lauren. Those tits are just too good to hide. You got any other 08ish el Camino?
Still looking for Megan with the Mosto.
>>1687 You got videos?
(236.59 KB 1280x720 IMG_0554.jpeg)
(232.87 KB 1280x720 IMG_1594.jpeg)
>>2048 Whoa. Cayla..
Any wins from 2011 to 2016??
Yup got you, Elcamino HS slut. Post more of other girls :)
>>2115 she's cute af
(345.67 KB 2048x1366 1412446339520.jpg)
(293.57 KB 1366x2048 1450258412600.jpg)
Oakmont grad, anyone got more of her?
>>2115 I got more of the chick that graduated from Elcamino!
(19.26 KB 490x267 IMG_8222.JPG)
(256.54 KB 518x537 IMG_8236.jpg)
(62.22 KB 588x784 IMG_8221.JPG)
>>1841 Any wins? Bumping with more modeling pics…
Anybody got Samantha S from FHS 2007. Someone posted some shower pics at some point
anyone have chelsea sedrbrg?
anyone know a t.mills
>>2122 Moar!
Any wins of her? Or can some be acquired? Just recently started following her and DAMN! She should make an OF with a rack like that