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firecrotchgirl t\/\/1tt3r caitzyn $[email protected]¢[email protected] 09/23/2021 (Thu) 00:54:39 No. 61
this slutty ginger with a bush loves to show her holes for $$$
hey samefag, stop shilling for this mentally derranged cutter, shes never gonna fuck you
i am literally the mentally deranged cutter lol
Tried to hit you up to buy content and nothing.
try again maybe? i respond to everyone
still no response on $ na p
i dont have any unopened messages right now though
>>68 taking your money and ignoring you is her whole thing lmao. what do you expect of a thot that posts HERSELF on here...
>>72 An ugly, pock marked thot at that
yall are so rude lol you can call me pockmarked, ugly, and thot but one thing i'm not is a scammer.
Nasty bitch will do anything for money especially scam you
1) thats proof im a seller, not proof im a scammer 2) if you think pee is nasty you vanilla af
Lmao bitch is big mad about an anon image board thread LOOOOOOL Quit being a literal whore, get your life straightened out, and maybe you wont wanna cut yourself anymore
>>75 Post what you got
I paid her and minutes later got my content. Idk if any of you ever actually paid this girl.
anaon... im checking this thread cause its about me. whats your excuse? also, i was a cutter way before i was a whore.
I paid and got my content. You retards don't know how to do business. Young commies wanting a handout....for everything.
>>84 You can pose as anons all you want, but no one wants your gross pics or your beaten up holes. You literally are what we can a practice girl
>>85 I bet she makes more money than you loser. Let me guess, you are the same tard who tried blackNO PRIVATE - HEREing her for feet pics then got d0xed on the last board.
>>84 Do you work for a waste management company? Thats the only other people I know who are proud to pay for trash
i have a question anon. if you think im so ugly, WHY are you continuously refreshing a thread that is all about me?
>>88 im a troll
>>89 That's funny. Cause she's one too.
i'm not a scammer, i can provide proof. can YOU?
The fact that you are even on this site defending yourself tells me all I need to know about the level of self-respect you have... Or lack thereof. Good luck with your 6$ pics. I'm sure you're just RAKING it in
This girl is reliable af when it comes to sending out the content
>>92 Proof of what? Youre literally deranged
>>93 This is some serious incel shit. Stop being a scrub
We all know that’s you pretending to get content you paid for. Not falling for your scam. You lead people on and then block them after they pay.
Why would anyone pay to see this ugly bitch or her dirty ass feet??
ngl bro u niggas weird as fuck i buy off her sometimes literally never had any issues what's with all the hate
fr reading these comments u niggas fucking weird yall looking for her shit and callin her all these names what the fuvk yall even on here for lmao just to talk yall shit
>>100 English, nigger. Learn it.
>>101 Think it's about time to d_ox this loser again
Maybe someone should d_ox Caitlyn
>>103 This is how needy you are for attention. Just as things simmer down you throw your own name out there just to stroke the flames again ..... No one cares enough about you to d_ox you, Caitlyn. Sheeeeesh
She don't respond. Guess she makes tons of money cause Ive HHU a few times and no response.
All she will ever be
>>114 post more
>>122 Justen got do_xed today. He's probably too scared to come back.
slut finally made 0F yall. o/\/L¥ [email protected]/\/$ firecrotchcutie
>>130 Why would I pay when it’s free online
>>141 Ewww wtf wrong wit her pussy 🤢