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(131.40 KB 250x325 250px-Map_of_Lyon_Co,_Ks,_USA.png)
New Emporia Thread Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 13:05:06 No. 2
The Emporia thread was the biggest Kansas thread before. Let's get it going again.
(24.29 KB 512x384 1619025817076.jpg)
Chubby slut
(236.27 KB 540x960 20181013_142103.jpg)
(336.68 KB 1080x1920 IMG_20151124_185101-1.jpg)
(768.96 KB 918x1630 2018-04-04 12.58.19.jpg)
(230.96 KB 1080x1920 1615578280785-3.jpg)
Would love to see more from girls who graduated '12-'14
Let's start throwing out names of who has what. Let's get this jump started again. Return to the glory of the previous Emporia thread.
(109.38 KB 1152x1536 1589354300851-0.jpg)
Old, but let's get this going
(112.33 KB 1600x1200 1592144736415-1.jpg)
Have not seen that one. Here is another one.
Who else we got? Momentum is starting.
(287.92 KB 613x921 1584321398715.jpg)
(136.88 KB 3517x1920 Edited_20210728_154437.jpg)
Anyone? Anything?
(162.10 KB 1080x1359 Screenshot_20210803-081134__01.jpg)
(330.29 KB 1080x1375 Screenshot_20210803-081111__01.jpg)
Waiting for the one to come back with the [email protected] [email protected] wins
Got to me some more [email protected] [email protected] out there
Yeah that OG post had a solid list of wins.
I remember OP was pretty protective of his [email protected] wins. What were you gonna offer?
OP wouldn't ever specify what they wanted, so nobody knows
Who else do you have out of curiosity?
I still have the [email protected] wins. Make an offer.
(771.19 KB 971x2872 1748291.jpg)
Hey. I'm the OP from the thread on the old site. I was looking for wins from the class of 2012-2014 mainly. I have a new list with new girls and how many i have of each.
>>76 Is lizbeth Lisa's sister? Think I have a few of Lisa from younger years
(682.16 KB 1075x1348 4729185820.jpg)
>>77 I'm not sure. This is who I have.
Here are some of [email protected] [email protected] someone sent me a while ago. I think she was from those years.
I have a lot of [email protected] if you're willing to post some of [email protected]
(93.12 KB 255x192 1592199069510-1.png)
(86.67 KB 255x192 1592199069510-2.png)
Here are some more of @manda as well
(161.75 KB 1080x767 Screenshot_20210804-172414__01.jpg)
Last one I have of @manda
>>80 hate to say it, but I'm not really too into who you have. I do appreciate you posting though so if you want to FORBIDDEN we can talk about getting you someone else for the effort or you can pick a couple from someone else for me to post.
You can do all the cropping you want, I just want to see what [email protected] tits look like. Been curious for a long time
Knew a guy that fucked [email protected] with a friend of his. She likes getting fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time.
(204.05 KB 1080x1451 Screenshot_20210806-010841__01.jpg)
(216.96 KB 1018x1784 Screenshot_20210806-011018__01.jpg)
(159.34 KB 976x1552 Screenshot_20210806-011038__01.jpg)
(184.10 KB 976x1607 Screenshot_20210806-011047__01.jpg)
(171.45 KB 1036x1559 Screenshot_20210806-011102__01.jpg)
(274.58 KB 941x1741 Screenshot_20210806-011207__02.jpg)
Who had the @utumn [email protected] wins? Let's see those
>>76 I'd encourage you not to share any of these if they happen to be from when these girls were actually FORBIDDEN. Which I know to be the case for a few that you have listed.
I know the ones I've posted are good to go. They were taken pretty recently. I hate the new layout, by the way.
>>96 I'm not sure which you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case about anyone i have.
>>84 Didn't see the last part. Sure, feel free to drop some that we haven't seen before. If you don't have them, I also have the @utumn [email protected] wins from before if that sweetens the deal a little.
>>84 I also dropped the pictures of [email protected] too, for what those are worth. I want to stay as anon as possible, so I'm going to stay here and not do FORBIDDEN or other sites.
(320.25 KB 1076x1877 4619472911.jpg)
(213.74 KB 1076x854 561819393.jpg)
(290.32 KB 1074x1131 581048200.jpg)
>>103 the quality on all of these went to hell because it won't let me post them at their original file size.
(16.44 KB 480x640 1615578280785-0.jpg)
(32.84 KB 768x1024 1615664851257-0.jpg)
Summ3r seems like a bad bitch. Here are those @utumn pictures from before that someone asked for. Feel free to drop more, let's keep this going
>>108 I could go for more from this set or some similar
(252.64 KB 825x1054 Screenshot_20210808-080851__01.jpg)
[email protected] fucking her ass with a toy
Damn, with all these wins, you'd think guy could get at least a blurred or blacked out face picture of [email protected]
Nah man, I'm just here to spread the wealth and maybe see some familiar faces
(374.08 KB 3024x4032 850171663.jpg)
(302.85 KB 1242x2208 4774917468.jpg)
More Summ3r
Does anyone have Ashlyn s(mith)
Any OnlyFans from Emporia before they ban nudes?
https://onlyfansdotcom/ [email protected] Here’s a puzzle. If you can’t figure it out then your a retard
Great link. Any more ?
>>171 Who is that
Could we maybe see all of the sensored [email protected] you have? Definitely want to see what all you've got.
>>184 it says in my list that i only have 3. Here's the sensors versions.
Damn, she's fine, even with small tits. When were those from?
>>4 Who dat?
Hail3y H>>187
Any new names anybody has to add to the list of wins?
(13.96 KB 270x480 1615664851257-1.jpg)
(16.10 KB 640x480 1615578280785-2.jpg)
(28.05 KB 640x480 1615578280785-1.jpg)
>>192 yeah, here they are.
I feel like @utumn probably has a ton out there. She gets around
Bump for e-town
Now that the students are back, any ESU wins?
This died quick
(26.51 KB 514x960 FB_IMG_1631634638383.jpg)
(33.88 KB 482x960 FB_IMG_1631634761560.jpg)
Any on this big tit slut Alex1a?
This is a long shot, but any wins on [email protected] Thurst0n?
I’d love to see those
Bump for [email protected]'s tits. Let's get this rolling again
>>293 I can definitely post [email protected] wins if someone else posts so we can get the thread going again.
Damn, no one has [email protected] wins?
>>299 Just modeling stuff. Keeping fingers crossed some wins will appear one day.