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Joplin girls Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 09:05:17 No. 2
Lets get some win flowing again, starting with some Autumn lasley pussy
Anyone have jessica finnegan? I would die for her wins. Surely she has a secret onlyfans?
(303.62 KB 1080x1901 1618504641409-0.jpg)
(299.40 KB 1080x1419 1618504641409-1.jpg)
Any more of Autumn Lasley? She’s a total slut!
Anyone got anything on Morgan Hopson? Huge ass red head
(63.10 KB 579x1024 lUJFfQOh~2.jpeg)
(24.25 KB 640x853 1530300605517-1.jpg)
(21.82 KB 640x1132 1530300605517-2.jpg)
What ever happened to Kelli jones?
Heres some more autumn.
Fuck yes, keep’m coming if you have them!
Got any more Kelli jones
(802.29 KB 2316x3088 8e6c0c9.jpg)
Wanna see her new tits?
(972.73 KB 2316x3088 89f411d.jpg)
Fake tits
(644.29 KB 2316x3088 ec0ac9a.jpg)
Wont let me post more than one at a time
(798.56 KB 2316x3088 47739b2.jpg)
New titties, i liked the tiny ones better
(741.55 KB 2316x3088 dbb372b.jpg)
(924.11 KB 2316x3088 972fd64.jpg)
That’s hot as fuck. Yeh, her little tits where way hotter. These are great pics.
(698.20 KB 1976x2567 daba44b.jpg)
Shes so yummy. Her onlyfans is fire, she sends out videos of her getting fucked and playing with her pussy all the time.
(767.42 KB 2316x3088 9e087ea.jpg)
(773.35 KB 2316x3088 3181c8e.jpg)
(551.44 KB 2289x2861 d312527.jpg)
What’s her onlyfans?!
stuckinadryerr Best 5 bucks you'll ever spend
(135.15 KB 1024x1024 1573733491160.jpg)
(30.32 KB 579x1024 3nWhTXmh.jpeg)
(188.05 KB 750x1500 2106244162.jpg)
Lol Kelli is on the front page of /gif/. She's the OP post in the "BUTTS" thread
Post more Kelli
Any abby watson?
Someone come thru, dont let this die
More kelli
Stop with Kelli… She’s not all that special and we see her on literally every single Joplin thread for some reason
More kelli jones and bigger titt girls
Becca pottenger or Jordan lasley?
I think Niki B-a-r-l-o-s might have an O F. A phishing account was made on IG pretending to be her for a pocket stars account. I did some googling and it sounds like O F users are the victims
I definitely want to see Niki! Anyone know anything more? >>598
Ashley Douglass from cj has a onlyfans
Ashley is stassieharbor
(127.19 KB 946x2048 E_tRiWmXoAI5eTr.jpg)
Anyone have anything of either one of these slots?
I have a lot from Joplin/Carthage
I’ll share if we can get this going again
I’ll share if we get this going again
I do have one of the two slots you asked about lol
J tackett
M Horton from Carthage I’ll post a lot more of others if we can get this going again
Do you have any Joplin girls from 2012-2014?
Any names lol
I have a lot of girls but others need to post
You’ve gotta give names if you’re going to actually entice us lol. If they’re just repeats of what we’ve actually seen or girls we don’t care about, then it’d be a waste.
Yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually seen a girl I actually know. Otherwise it doesn’t really matter to me tbh
Breeann Malloy Nikki Barlos Ashley rundle ton of Carthage girls too
Which Niki ones are they? Are they the bathtub ones or something new? I’ve been looking for a long time
There green see through lace frontal an a couple ass pics do you have the tub pics
I also have devin Wendy Carthage girl but you guys might know her
Please tell me they’re actual nude ass pics… The lace ones may have been from social media and she flaunts her ass a lot. I’m looking for something new.
There in a thong
Can you please post them and the lace pics since I posted the tub pics?
At work right now I’ll post them as soon as I get home
If you want to text me I have a fake number app we could chat on
I can get it
Post the carthage girls
D weldy
C Garber
I’m done tell others post I’m not giving them for nothing lol
Post Ashley
What do you want for breann mulloy? Would love to see those
Ok’d you got any pics to - lol
Idk you got anything to -
For Breann do you have any that you’d share for them?
(173.06 KB 1536x1969 22520928zr.jpg)
Post those Ashley pictures
I have jessica dayne pussy (plus others of her), tayler weldy, kaitlyn judd, and a bunch of other stuff. Will drop whatever for Breann mulloy.
>>806 Save the other two. Just drop Kait(l)ny J(u)dd please.
Drop what you got an I’ll drop breann
This is the only one of kaitlyn that i have. Let me see what else i can dig up
Whos has tanner bartholowmew or miranda sanders
Also have to drop tayler weldy since her sister devyn is posted already
What else you want for breann?
I got more autumn lasley, jessica kienenberger, hunter barnes, audrea sanchez
Instead of saying who you have how about just posting them
Im not going to drop everything just for one person to be posted. Especially all the OF content i have. I will drop some more stuff today but im really wanting to see the breann.
Who do you have??
Everything that was said in the past 2 days is what i have and im wanting breann mulloy. Jessica dayne, tayler weldy, kaitlyn judd, jess k, audrea sanchez, autumn l, hunter barnes. Already posted kaitlyn and tayler.
Anyone have devins roommate Jessie?
Any one have any of her?
Anybody save Heather [k] ernel win from a while back?
Heather k
Any one have any of miss [W]hittington?
Any one have any of desirree holland. I'm starting to think she doesn't have any out, never have seen any posted in any of the previous forums or threads other than stuff she has posted on ig or fb
What happened to the guy with the breann mulloy? What else you want bro?
Ton more post what you got
Tattoos of Jessie
DW - sweetdallas13 JS - babyhoneyb1
(33.79 KB 540x960 1558292229719-1.jpg)
(29.16 KB 540x960 1477342894034-1.jpeg.jpg)
(41.56 KB 539x960 1558292229719-2.jpg)
(34.63 KB 540x960 1558292229720-3.jpg)
taylor erwin
Anymore of DW
(165.11 KB 1080x1750 IMG_20211005_115801_573.jpg)
Post breann
Devinn weldy
Who has more Devin or Jessie (S)mith
Any new ones
Any one have Kaitlyn v aness
Its too bad yall wanted to pretend to have wins then stop posting. I was ready to drop mad new OC but its clear no one else is going to drop any wins. Unfortunate
>>1060 >>1244 I’ve dropped a fuck ton of wins in here, in fact, I’ve dropped literally everything I have, without expecting any either. Just share what you got, if you even have any.
>>1244 Honestly man shut the fuck up and stay outta here if all you’re gonna do is bitch about no one having anything. In here acting like a disappointed father. You’re just a FORBIDDEN in a grocery store throwing a tantrum for not getting what he wants. Get the fuck out. No one gives a shit what you have. This board wasn’t made to barter content or hold content hostage in order to be a whiny bitch. Everyone posts what they have, and asks for what they are looking for. If you can’t do that then get the fuck out. We don’t need you
Haha idiot. 90% of the win that has ever been posted on this site originally came from me. And i still have more to give. But im tired of sharing and sharing and sharing and everyone else just holds their shit. At least 60% of what is on this thread right now is my posts, and another 20% is reposts of content i put here in the past. Bunch of scavengers. Get to posting or get the fuck gone.
>>1249 Just when I thought you couldn’t be any more of a fucking moron you go and prove me wrong. Good job moron. 90% of everything on this site came from you? 90%? You fucking imbecile. Quit posting shit today and this site wouldn’t miss you at all you moany cunt. In here calling people scavengers and saying post or gtfo while simultaneously saying you won’t post until others do. Your a fucking bottom-feeding, blood-sucking, slack-jawed, brain-dead cum-guzzler. No one needs you, no one wants you, no one would care if you quit posting or commenting or existing. Be the fuck gone, we do not want you
90% of joplin win on all joplin threads for ages, yes. You sound mad, like someone who gets no pussy and has nothing but fat chicks and ratchets hoes to post. Get back to your chambers you fucking peasant.
Stoppp you’re tearing us apart :’( But I’m gonna need to to see a running list of who all you have if you’ve got it all because there’s a lot I want to see from years ago because idk who most of these newer girls are. Pls
Here's one from her fb story earlier anyone of more of her or actual revealing
>>679 Post all the Carthage girls
I’ll post some Carthage girls you got anything to post though
Anyone got Azia Smith
Post your carthage and ill post mine
>>1356 Yo don't make the rest of us wait for that. Just post what you got
Any Crystal Hope or Kylie Simmons?
I feel like I’m never seeing any Joplin girls from around 2012 at all anymore. If anyone has any, let me know
Any1 got anything new
(125.60 KB 1080x1920 1947713906165940267_52591545.jpg)
Mercedes L?
Lets gooo
Who had a-riel (b)arbosa I’d love to see those again
any tyler b(urks)?
I have the ariel barbosa plus some that havent been posted of her. I will dig them up but in the meantime you got anything to put up?
I have a lot more to put up if you have barbosa the ones that haven’t been seen lol
I’ll post two for now so you know I’m not bluffing (K)ayla (G)arber from Carthage (C) rob insonson Webb
Idk who those are but i will post the ones of barbosa later today. Just want to get this thread poppin again
I’ll post more after you good sir
No luck on barbosa
Anyone have Jocee Maples
Let get some more! And from Webb too!
>>1940 What's her insta? Fb?
What happened to the barbosa?
>>1817 Is there a way to get more of (K)ayla? does she have an onlyfans?
Can someone please post this woman. Works in Joplin lives in Carthage. El1zabeth-h0ush-ril3y
I still have barbosa just need to dig it up off an old computer. Heres some more Audrea Sanchez until then
Jessica newton / kienenberger also with her nasty hairy pussy
Any one have anything on megan (str) Ickland, desirree (hol) land or shylynn (r)ay
Any 2012 wins??
There’s more J(essie) out there. Where my Carthage peeps at
(96.12 KB 480x640 IMG_0764.jpg)
Heres the barbosa. Stolen off a dudes phone i met at a party once lol
Some more of Jessie or Jessie and Taylor k would be nice. Had Jessie’s only fans really isn’t worth the money
I had devin weldys OF too and it was trash. 20 bucks and she didnt post anything the whole month except one shitty clothed picture
Heres some stormy raye. What happened to the guy who had breann mulloy? I have so many wins and I'll drop plenty more if i can see hers
Also heres kaitlyn judd with a dick in her ass. How many more wins do we need for breann? Got vids of jessica dayne.
I don’t have anything else, but bump Kait(lyn) Ju(dd) please!
Yes! More Jessie s(mith), Devyn w(eldy) or Taylor K (etron) or her sister chelsey k. Jessie and Taylor here
Surprised there is not jordan lasley or more of barlos
Does anyone have pics or videos of Kayla (Ra) bago her maiden name was Kayla (H) aynes
If you're going to post a request then post some wins with it. Its a waste of the thread to fill it up with bs chatter. Get some nudes posted.
>>2145 Not OP but seriously do us all a favor and shut the fuck up. The whole point of this place is to post and request who you’re looking for. For all you know OP has posted wins. Quit being a whiny bitch about taking up space. Your bitch ass pussy ass post does takes up the same amount but actually accomplishes less. Get bent or get out faggot
Your dumb ass is going to ruin this thread. I am the only one posting mad fucking wins, and because you want to keep crying like a little faggot im not posting anything else until some good OC comes thru. I have like 20 more girls to post but you can fuck off now. Kill yourself idiot.
> 2149 Why are you responding? You’re not posting anything, you’re not requesting. So shut the fuck up and leave. Not one person cares about you and your bullshit “20 girls”. GET.THE.FUCK.OUT. Don’t reply. Just take your L like the bitch you are and move on
Like i said, kill yourself loser.
Almost every win posted on this entire thread was me you fucking idiot. Tons of OC and i have tons more. Im the only one that has posted win in weeks. I literally made the thread and then filled it with wins haha. You're just mad no one wants to hear your requests for the fat ass ratchet hoes that you are interested in that no one has ever heard of. You're garbage. End it already.
Different guy here: Personally, idk who any of these girls are so it does nothing for me. No offense to you. If I knew who was available or if girls I know got posted, I’d be more willing. But until then, I just wait.
Any wins on Gracie Hogelin?
I used to fuck around with Kass back in high school was just thinking the other day how I missed her tits! An god I love Gracie
>>2159 Sorry, was busy having a life. You’re so mad cuz you know I’m right. Every bitch on this thread looks like a cracked out prostitute, but they all have come from you so…you keep doing you chief. Sorry I hurt your wittle feewings.
Any destiny mcculley