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Eminence/Winona Area Anonymous 07/11/2021 (Sun) 19:42:46 No. 30
anything good?
anything jerk worthy on Alyssa C?
Anyone have anyone from the area?
Here's a good tamryn. Someone put something good out there.
What's tamryns only fans name?
>>223 its @bucklebby but she only posts like once a month if that. anyone know kayla atnips OF or anyone else from the areas?
I shared that last tamryn, if you're on onlyfans can you see what you can get from Kaitlyn hollow? I know she's supposed to have a lesbian 3 way on there. She does tattoos in west plains. I posted it a few threads down.
(394.01 KB 720x1600 miss.jpg)
>>230 do you have anything on anyone else? i have lots of tamryn and cammi akers, lookn for someone new. if so ill sub to her and upload all her stuff to a .mega link and u can download what u want out of it. says she hasnt been online since May though. Anything on anyone from Winona by chance?
I have one of Heather Corbin.
(920.34 KB 1242x2688 image0-2.png)
>>244 >>230 got anymore of anyone else?
Those aren't showing much. The ones I put up show a whole lot more
U really want to see some of her lesbian stuff.
Thought you were gonna do a mega?
(115.75 KB 828x1472 1612666455856-3.jpeg)
(281.74 KB 367x628 Screenshot_164.png)
(300.59 KB 355x611 Screenshot_163.png)
Nikki Gatlin, anyone got anything jerk worthy on Madison Counts?
Anyone have anything on Mary Ferguson? I heard she gets around
(1.02 MB 3264x2111 taylor.jpg)
anything good on Taylor R?
Bump for Mary
She's a junior from View, if anyone wants to see her wins. Also have Julie W(a)tson
anyone got anything good on Sara N*al now W*st?
Post Olivia and Julie!!
>>759 You know them? Lmao
Have Karly (H)elms as well
>>770 Drop them all bro. Let’s get this thread going.
(27.34 KB 480x640 imgcache_screen0.2936800~2.jpg)
(36.00 KB 480x640 imgcache_screen0.7199649.jpg)
(24.00 KB 480x640 imgcache_screen0.7178176.jpg)
(20.00 KB 423x640 imgcache_screen0.3150767.jpg)
(24.00 KB 479x640 imgcache_screen0.3104784.jpg)
(22.52 KB 498x664 20210823_222346.jpg)
>>773 You know them?
You got anybody else?
>>775 Those three are it
Unload. Lol
(463.07 KB 720x927 Screenshot_20210908-002515~2.png)
(478.69 KB 720x859 Screenshot_20210908-002410~2.png)
(442.84 KB 720x938 Screenshot_20210908-002132~2.png)
Do like the rest of us have and put them in the thread. It helps to encourage others to do it too.
(415.54 KB 720x870 Screenshot_20210908-002109~3.png)
(335.30 KB 720x644 Screenshot_20210908-002341~3.png)
Older pics but still wins
Who's that?
>>782 >>783 Old wins of Julie, before she got depressed and bloated
>>785 It was from a video call, that's why she is starting to tell in one of them when she realized screenshots were being taken. Call ended shortly after that
>>787 A high school slut
Anyone have timberly or her sister horizon?
>>790 Her little tits and pussy on full display
I have some more tamryn, some cammie, Heather c,orbi,n and a couple jessie d,owler. I can post them tomorrow. They're not easily accessible where I'm at right now.
>>792 Definitely the Dowler
(24.00 KB 397x640 imgcache_screen0.9697799.jpg)
(36.00 KB 640x610 imgcache_screen0.9536497.jpg)
(52.00 KB 481x640 imgcache_screen0.3724799.jpg)
(52.00 KB 481x640 imgcache_screen0.3675289.jpg)
(24.00 KB 320x640 imgcache_screen0.10135044.jpg)
(100.75 KB 1019x1754 G99zvFQ8dwMWMH3hC3cQACY6Fcwcnt.0.jpg)
(16.00 KB 278x512 imgcache0.90592080.jpg)
(16.00 KB 512x281 imgcache0.83872788.jpg)
(301.67 KB 2048x1970 20210823_223405.jpg)
>>793 He should know what she looks like lol
>>799 A few where she got way more than but she never shows face
(38.70 KB 480x487 imgcache_screen0.10204639~2.jpg)
(52.00 KB 585x640 imgcache_screen0.10429149.jpg)
(110.86 KB 1015x1850 20210823_222309.jpg)
(76.27 KB 481x554 imgcache_screen0.10237648~2.jpg)
(155.11 KB 1030x1879 20210823_222307.jpg)
>>772 Damn, anymore Karly? Actually recognize her
Nake sure to put names with picture uploads and also if any get deleted then make sure to re upload.
Timberly or Horizon would be a score.
>>789 Yes please
Any of y'all know her?
(51.90 KB 540x960 Snapchat-1240690245.jpg)
My bad my bad, this is Alex C.u.rtis, y'all recognize?
Donna (c) ounts
(273.57 KB 1242x2688 image0-1.jpg)
(881.50 KB 1242x2688 image0-1.png)
(342.30 KB 1242x2688 image0-7.jpg)
Another Donna
I have that one. Anyone have any new content?
>>808 >>789 god I wish too, jerked to there insta pics many times would love some real win on them.
Cammi A.
more Cammi A*ers
i dropped the cammi stuff, anyone got anything jerk worthy on Destiny w*kefield? even non nudes?
(8.57 KB 180x320 Snapchat-1501972910.jpg)
(8.89 KB 180x320 Snapchat-829718605.jpg)
(51.90 KB 540x960 Snapchat-1240690245.jpg)
(12.67 KB 192x320 Snapchat-91127146.jpg)
(15.01 KB 320x224 Snapchat-133295861.jpg)
(9.68 KB 320x224 Snapchat-95749546.jpg)
Alex C
Anyone have any of Mary?
(1.16 MB 1080x1920 Screenshot_20170606-024804.png)
(595.64 KB 513x767 Screenshot_5.png)
Anything good on Alicia M*rtin?, I know shes a big slut.
(781.22 KB 523x856 Screenshot_1.png)
(936.73 KB 521x928 Screenshot_2.png)
>>850 more Alicia
Anyone have Kailey Anderson? Those are some tits I'd like to see
>>855 I have a couple of her tits if you want them
Let's see what you got.
What happened to you guys?
any OF accounts from Winona or Etown? ill sub and drop the pics if its someone i like.
I know someone has to have some of her!
Anything good to see on Kaitlyns OF? I posted it toward the beginning of the thread.
Any wins of anyone around 30yo?
>>1130 Closest I have to 30 is Alex (S)mith/(C)urtis
>>1127 No one wants to see that fat bitches nasty OF, for fucks sake
Ive got Alayna (M)iller
Let's see what you guys have?
>>1209 This guy has no clue how to hack hahahah
(1.22 MB 3264x1711 COLLAGE.jpg)
Anything on Breanna Y or Mariah S from Etown? jerked to them many times would love something real good on either.
Anyone have any of faith stewart?
anything on Abby H*ugh? would love to see those jugs
Anyone have Dani Counts or her sisters?
Brea C*oper, got more if anyone has something good of others from Winona/ Eminence
>>1545 What’s snap/IG?
Is Tamryn still selling nudes??
>>1593 no she closed her account
Anyone want to see Allyson Norris nudes?
Sure, not sure who she is but I might recognize her.
Any luck on timberly or horizon?
Anything on Jodie Sh*maker/Ph*llips? shes hot as fuck
>>1763 Anything at all>>1746
Anyone know Kendra Smith/want her nudes?
Anyone have anything
>>1767 only thing i got on timberly is bikini pics
I bet thats hot too.
>>30 >>1772 Drop what you all have, I have lots to drop of girls from WP over the years
I dropped several of the ones in here. Drop what you got from WP. Who all do you have from over there?
Anything at all from eminence
Just post. Eventually someone will have what you're looking for. We need to keep this thread alive.
anyone know kayla atn*ps OF name?
No, I wish their was a list of locals with OF.
I found her OF name. You gotta post the goods.
Anyone have anything from Sammie Wood? She's from eminence.
>>1978 anyone else from winona or eminence with one? ill sub and share if im interested in them
Hell yeah, keep it coming. I really want to see all of her stuff.
Anyone got any on Katrina Williams, she owns the fast stop in eminence?
That would be a score.
Did anyone have Alyssa C. ? She's from eminence.
Never seen any thing other than her social media pics.
Anyone got any wins from girls in eminence, would love to see some.
Anything from eminence
Anything from eminence
>>1986 only swim social stuff but iv still jerked to it lol
Did kayla have any lesbian or dildo stuff?
>>1982 >>1995 nope non of either
>>1987 anything jerk worthy?
What about nice pussy shots or her getting fucked?
Got anything on Jacy Conway from eminence?
What about Miranda Crider, she's from eminence but lives in west plains now? She was always smoking hot.
>>2021 just bikini and some tiktoks before she deleted them
Anything at all in the area
Anything else on tamryn
>>2027 i have a ton on tamryn even a dildo vid but out of the 78 pics posted in here iv posted 35, nearly 1/2. Im not posting anymore content until others start contributing.
Ill post more Tamryn and Kayla if anyone has anything jerk worthy on Audriana H*cks
Anything RECENT from Tamryn?
Any wins on Maddison Crider?
>>2040 how recent like from this year recent? yes
Honestly idk at this point some tamyrn would be sick tho
Anything legit anything
I posted a bunch, it was also a long process to find her OF for you to sub.
>>2093 what is the most recent you got?
So where they at tho lol
(66.88 KB 503x1000 251_1000.jpg)
Anyone Know Alayna Miller from Mnt View, class of 2017?
Alayna has been shared like crazy. We need some new wins.
Maybe Al!c!a Mar,tin. Not 100 percent sure.
>>2239 i dont think so, it says that user is from Indiana
>>2239 >>2254 Alicia also has alot of tats on her legs