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File: 1606840243454.jpeg (10.22 KB, 225x225, sketch.jpeg)

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Tusc - T-County - Whores


Need some tusc wins!


I've got Tiffany K if anyone's got Grace G


Amber H? Guy in the last thread said he had em.


Just need some Alexx M titties and you're golden.


Does someone have Alexx M? Like damn!


Brittney D - 2014 wins?


Joce T?


File: 1606916236809.jpg (1.75 MB, 1440x1921, Alexxm.jpg)


I don't have her tits, but I do have this.


Haha she's loving being fully stuffed


File: 1606930175692.jpeg (191.17 KB, 1102x2080, F35EFA47-9219-46F2-9B2C-3….jpeg)

H smith claymont 12


File: 1606945293118.jpg (78.27 KB, 720x960, Mariah.jpg)

Anyone have any Tusky Valley?


Wanna see Jade S?


Need more! omg!


File: 1606967730371.jpg (38.65 KB, 540x960, Bryce3.jpg)

Bryce A wins? Anyone please share them!!


That's all I've ever found. I was hoping that'd be enough to get the Amber H wins from that one dude.


What you have maybe they will earn Amber


File: 1606970194499.jpg (284.19 KB, 2208x1242, 1561041184663.jpg)

Like I said, as far as Alexx M goes, that's all I've got. How about Heather H?


Who you have?


Hot damn those are some big tiddies. Whose?



Heather H, like I said.



Would some Brittney W get Amber H?


File: 1607005431982.jpg (230.15 KB, 720x960, Mariah H (4).jpg)

More Mariah from Tusky Valley


File: 1607013519747.jpg (40.37 KB, 768x960, TM96.jpg)

Anyone have Tori M wins?


Damn I would love to see Tori's nudes!


love for Bryce wins! Wanna see her tits!


The Amber H dude from the last threat is really holding onto some gold there.


anyone know of any escort girls in the county?


Really any Alexx M, I'll take even the mentioned Bryce or Tori wins! Show either and Amber tits, ass, & puss pics I'll release


File: 1607091928219.jpg (219.85 KB, 1118x1080, 20201204_092351.jpg)


Brittney W do anything for you?


Also moar


Anymore Mariah H?


Love to see some Tori M wins as well!


Any Lynsey (R)ose wins?


Any Dover sluts at all?


File: 1607186663648.jpg (98.93 KB, 960x720, MariahH.jpg)

Does anyone have anymore Tusky Valley?


Doing a shitload for me, man. Got any more?


Shameless bump


Shameful bump hoping Amber H guy comes back.


Never left just drop something worth it


The fuck is Amber H? I'm still waiting for more of this.


Nobody is going to post shit until you show some kind of proof you have something worth seeing, dude. Drop a tame one, or a censored one.

Nobody believes you have a damn thing.


Looks like nobody has a damn thing


File: 1607529015497.jpg (52.18 KB, 604x453, n1433610006_30007939_278.jpg)

Anyone have Kynsey from Tusky Valley?


I got some nice ones of IV and claymont girls


You have Logan?


Hope J! Hoping!


What'll it take to get more Britt W?


Alexx M, Grace G, I need some wins.
There's dozens of Britt but nobody is posting.


File: 1607644935913.jpg (765.64 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20201210-001919….jpg)

Anyone have any Sara wood ?



Dozens? I've only ever seen the one I posted.


Got a bunch more Tusky. I'm not going to be the only one posting though.


Who is this? And does anyone have any Tessa Wilson?


Need more wins!


Need Tori M wins? ANyone?


Bump for Amber H


What's the W?


post em


Need Grace G wins!


Got more wins?


who you have? Cause I have tons


File: 1608021580596-0.jpg (146.91 KB, 514x734, 3303.jpg)

File: 1608021580597-1.jpg (167.57 KB, 640x1136, 3304.jpg)

File: 1608021580597-2.jpg (23.76 KB, 640x480, 7402.jpg)

File: 1608021580597-3.jpeg (213.62 KB, 1125x1415, 7403.jpeg)

File: 1608021580597-4.jpg (489.79 KB, 1141x1463, 7404.jpg)

File: 1608021580597-5.jpg (255.32 KB, 1536x2048, 7405.jpg)

here I shared some. Share more!


File: 1608071332024-0.jpg (46.49 KB, 720x1343, Snapchat-1127065948.jpg)

File: 1608071332024-1.jpg (45.99 KB, 720x1343, Snapchat-378166429.jpg)

File: 1608071332024-2.jpg (38.18 KB, 719x1343, Snapchat-976920194.jpg)

File: 1608071332024-3.jpg (56.1 KB, 719x1343, Snapchat-1986805933.jpg)



File: 1608091576115-0.jpg (40.88 KB, 500x680, 330992.jpg)

File: 1608091576115-1.jpg (47.99 KB, 500x680, 330996.jpg)

File: 1608091576115-2.jpg (32.2 KB, 500x680, 3309991.jpg)

File: 1608091576115-3.jpg (43.99 KB, 500x680, 3309994.jpg)

Who all you have!?


Shelby D wins? I need to see them!


File: 1608199511376.jpg (172.66 KB, 909x1668, Bryce4.jpg)

Someone said Bryce!?


Right I wanna see Amber H! So badly!


File: 1608199744973.png (3.15 MB, 1536x2048, aaaasdzzzzfdgs.png)

Ashley win! Someone share more wins of Tusc sluts!


More Tusky Valley?


Anyone have Shelby D wins?


anymore of her?


If people share some wins. You bet so!


Someone share these


File: 1608498741688-0.png (207.73 KB, 622x325, 20200323_223605.png)

File: 1608498741688-1.png (896.02 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_20200324-195804.png)

File: 1608498741688-2.png (232.58 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_20200329-145041.png)

Malaika F


Any Chloe H?




She has an of


Give the link? Or like share some pictures


Someone share those Chole H wins!


File: 1608628652021.jpg (356.58 KB, 1440x1428, AlexandriaC4.jpg)

Any Alexandria C wins?


K3ndrah F3lton?


File: 1608700058352.png (146.8 KB, 376x339, jashdjabjankan.png)


File: 1608702102393.jpg (141.54 KB, 640x640, RachB9997.jpg)

Rachel B? Love to see her wins!


Agreed Rachel needs exposed!


File: 1608765526655.png (659.32 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_20190325-160155.png)

okay but who is this?


more ashley needs posted


File: 1608878162978.jpg (756.78 KB, 2448x3264, AZ6.jpg)


Up for the illiterate


Any Kayla mcnutt?


Any Kayla m*nutt?


Anyone have any new Tusky Valley?


SOmeone has to be hoarding! Share!


Any Chloe H wins?


Chloe Wins have to exist! Any 2014 wins?


Any Newcomerstown wins?


File: 1609747326259.png (100.42 KB, 195x261, EA1.png)

Any Echo wins?


There needs to be wins!


File: 1609916207578.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, SM99999992.png)


Any Amy B wins of her tit being sucked?


File: 1610850269893.jpeg (160.41 KB, 1125x997, 3C88EB59-9866-4615-BB8E-D….jpeg)


Who's this?


Tyra (A)rmstrong has an onlyfans loaded with good content


Love to know who that is!


<<23927 <<23932 her name is Tyra


Anyone have [email protected] Z(buka)s fanplace?


Any macy vaca? There out there somewhere!


Bump, don't let this die


Anyone have Olivia (Liv) C. From Sandy Valley?


Katie (p)aige wins around?


Any Alycia L from New Phila? I know there are some out there.


I'd love to see those!


Bumpty bump bitch


Any Akira (C)arter wins out there


Any Akira (C)arter wins exist


Bump for some Tusky Valley!


I have Erica! What you have?


Is it anything new?


Yes! It's all new! She's in a shower naked! Also she shared to me some tities on snap!



I'm not the bro from above but please fckin post these i need em lmao
she was such a bitch to me in hs, i need this


Still waiting for more?


More was here>>21178


Tori M wins! Anyone have them?


I have sami h brittney h


File: 1614006323234.jpg (509.21 KB, 1968x2640, 20210222_095548.jpg)


You got anymore of her?


Possibly… Know her?


I do are you interested in sharing more


File: 1614025026073.jpg (139.62 KB, 660x1280, 20210222_150529.jpg)

Am on wordfilter for more



Added you


File: 1614434491749.jpg (33.85 KB, 622x622, FB_IMG_1614434387030.jpg)

Anyone have Jen T?


Anyone have any Tusky Valley?


Some catfish Kimberly Pyles and post her big milf tits. I’ll host $100



HOly shit! whats her last name rhyme with? what are the tattoos of that you can kinda see right there?

This might be my ex. I have TONS of pics of her.


Den, I think. Starts with a W, two syllables. Love to see some more.



Any betsey (S)igrist




Anybody get it right yet, my dude? Those tiddies are bomb af.


Rhyming with Blengerd is right. I'm the one who posted it.


Bumping for more Brittney


Need more Britney (W)yatts


Any Caitlin wallik from New Philadelphia


Any dover/phila chicks?


File: 1616911580478-0.png (70.49 KB, 148x255, 1616875247942-1.png)

File: 1616911580478-1.png (61.81 KB, 158x255, 1616875247942-0.png)

Emily C IV need more wins


File: 1616911635930-0.png (59.03 KB, 144x255, 1616875324392-1.png)

File: 1616911635930-1.png (36.48 KB, 144x255, 1616875324392-0.png)

Need some claymont wins


How'd you get these?


Got them from a buddy a while ago


Is his name matt?


You got more of her


No I don't that's all I've got


I got more. Does your buddy have a girlfriend?


Not sure we we're mostly only friends in school and if you got some then you should drop them in here


I got both of those pics already, howd he get em?


Did she send it to him or something?


Can you dm on insta?


Whos got some Tusky Valley?


Looking for some of those New Philly Walmart hotties. I know there has to be wins of them out there


I'll drop some more claymont for some sonni k from claymont


File: 1617762389526.jpg (580.09 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210311-094258….jpg)


Who is this?


anymore wins?


Who do you have from claymont?


File: 1618056813552.jpg (438.36 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210311-094251….jpg)


File: 1618056969417.jpeg (36.32 KB, 922x540, received_1785076845117802.jpeg)


who's this?


Bethany E wins!


Any Chloe H wins??


Whos got some Bolivar girls?


Need some Dover Slut nudes


Courtney N wins?


Got anymore Claymont girls?


bump for more claymont


I have Chloe H and Bethany E wins! All fresh, original! Someone show some Dover and Phila whores and I'll share!


you have keeeek? I have want you want.


just drop and I will dude! So happy someone is willing to!


Can u drop first?


Been fucked over dozens of times! I have a dozen of both. Chloe even masterbaiting.


same bro, i put in so much to the original thread and got nothing


Same put like 4 or more onto this thread and sometimes put all on prior! I have it! But I seen if I just share nobody else does. So I guess until someone does- I won't.


cmon bro i put like 70 into the original tcounty


id be careful with it here tho, maybe a chan thread


I meant all of mine. Sorry. Also yeah- I will share some! Some need to show some Tusc whores and many of us will join. So many don't get it!


you gonna post here or 4chan?


Usually do 4chan but I was wanting to help get this going! Still hoping someone shares some!


ill share on 4chan rn but dont want what i have here where it wont be deleted. you start a thread ill boot


Wait 4chan is still rolling? I'm new here but never experienced 4chan, heard it was better. I've posted a small amount on some other threads here but everyone just seems like beggers around here. Lot's of claims but never posted.


Need to see some Olyvia T wins!


Where on 4chan?


I'm still waiting for sonni k from claymont. Then ill dump as well. I've already dropped a few. And literally requested one chick. So till theres a few I'll hoard as well. I have dozens from 09-13


alexxaddikkted - her snap!
Someone be a hero!


Looking for Caitlin L#Ke from Strasburg has some big tits! I have some Jess G OF from Strasburg



what’s Jess’ OF? I’ll buy and dump them




Need more of her!


I got tons more, you got anything I might like?


File: 1619186442646-0.jpeg (345.71 KB, 720x1280, 109B2CFB-3B57-4804-AD70-A….jpeg)

File: 1619186442646-1.jpeg (2.12 MB, 4032x2268, B5459766-562E-40D8-BB77-5….jpeg)

Moor Alexx!? Let’s keep this thread alive


I'm hoping someone has her wins


File: 1619407415501-0.jpeg (42.23 KB, 424x800, Alexx7.jpeg)

File: 1619407415501-1.jpg (70.51 KB, 718x960, Alexx1.jpg)

Sadly no wins! But someone has to!


Any Sugarcreek whores?
Brandy - the redhead?


Kerriah O rhymes with Fuller

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