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Lehigh Valley Hoes Anonymous 11/22/2021 (Mon) 02:51:11 No. 8159
Anybody have lexie (f)errugio or britney?
Any asia (c)hristman out there either? Not entirely from the area but when working down here she got around.
Shari (b)ruder wins out there anyone?
Heres whats been on the site before purges and almost always reuploaded. That i have. Heard theres definitely other wins for them both but no one ever shares them. Dying to see more. For britt and lexi f.
(414.08 KB 480x854 Screenshot_20211121-223028.png)
(420.07 KB 480x854 Screenshot_20211121-222955.png)
Been looking for Asia c for. A minute.....
I know asia's is definitely out there. But between hers and britts they never seem to show up for anything. I hope both show up soon.
>>8173 Do you have anymore from northampton?
>>8287 No. I only grabbed those two since they were ones i was looking for. I only try to grab stuff for the girls ive been looking for quite awhile. Britt f and asia c and makayla h are the most elusive wins ive strived for for years now.
shannon zearfoss or britney connors?
I saw Asia c wins from her phone she showed me in person. There out there but rare
I know theyre rare. Its funny how she used to send to everyone she got with which was alot but no one ever seems to have them or just doesnt share them.
Too bad britt wins wont drop soon. She got a phat ass and is sexy as hell.
Talk too much just drop what you have