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843 Anonymous 07/07/2021 (Wed) 18:19:54 No. 3
Got to be some!!
Looking for bailey w. And kaylee n.
Any Reaynna S?
any from Mt. P?
Anyone have lacy e?
Any Dana W(I)lson from myrtle?
Any Dana W ilson from myrtle?
Anyone have wins on Kendra villi from airport high?
Anyone have Anna E (last name sounds like nascar driver dale E)
Stop posting her onlyfans she is not what we tryng to see here
>>149 Faggot post that shit on every thread
Reswindl is Rachel S. On onlyfans. Haven’t subbed yet but she has a few nudes
Jaime H from Charleston?
Emarie from Charleston?
>>175 Hill?
>>177 Yeah. Hill
>>178 I'll post some tomorrow. How do you know her? She was supposedly sending nudes to lots of guys a few years back.
>>179 High school
>>185 Ha! Nice man! What else ya got? Yeah. Just in high school her body count was in the 20s. Older men too
>>188 Niceeeeee She’s pulled that card on me before so I bailed. Still. She’s hot
>>190 I’m thinking the ED was bulimia or something .. no fat on her body or her ass would be saggier if she lost the weight. It’s not toned much either. Still though she’s banging, 8/10 would drug and FORBIDDEN lmao
>>191 Yeah I heard it was bulimia. She was like 130-140 and then dropped to like 90 pounds out of nowhere. Damn so basically a starfish? Haha Is that a wedding ring?! Oh shit hahaha
(453.20 KB 1536x2048 5270849131.jpg)
>>192 >>191 There 3 of us now? I messed with her when she was living with a guy (bf), 95% sure she was sexting a handful of others at the same time. Lost interest in me randomly, changed jobs, and then she was living in NC for a bit. Figure she cheated with that guy, got kicked out, back to Chs. Seems to be a chronic cheater. Did one of yall ask about her on the old anonib?
>>191 >>193 I plead the 5th on being on the old anonib lol. Damn. She gets around
(840.32 KB 2048x1536 IMG_76311.jpg)
>>195 No, just super skinny. Like said above, had some sort of eating disorder in her teens / 20s (might still have some of it) and lost a lot of weight. Tits = fat.
>>197 Anything else on this slut
(658.89 KB 1536x2048 5211371041.jpg)
>>209 a bunch of the same thing
>>209 She change a lot after senior year when her friend died? Were they a tag team combo of whoredom? What was she like in HS? Could never get a read on if she was school smart
>>211 They were a couple for a while. She’s still bi as far as I know.
Anybody have Megan?
Anyone got D3V3N L from Charleston and Summerville? Redhead with Big tits and big ass. Even if she has an OF I'll pay lol.
anyone got beca marsh?
>>216 She looks familiar. Last name?
Bump for Dana
Ginger from the Charleston Area. Nice ass
>>313 That face is a beautiful cum target.
It is, she had the fattest ass too. Who’s got the wins?
Any more of Jaime h? Or anyone wanna repost the ones that were removed? I have a few myself
(489.87 KB 1536x2048 5210448381.jpg)
>>352 post what you got
This is the last one I have. Thought I had atleast one more may find it after some digging
Any KT [email protected]@? Possibly has/had OF
(68.26 KB 750x500 NXYK3846.JPG)
any1 got anymore
Anyone have any Audrey b (rhymes with lack) from 843. Drama girl, big tits
(658.15 KB 1536x2048 5203650711.jpg)
Parker K(e)lly?
>>364 anymore?
Anyone have taylor L? She sent me some before but deleted them from the thread before I could save them. Wando class of 2011 I think. She’s sends them out with very little effort
Parker (k) Kelly pleaseee! Or Bailey (b)yrum
Bump for bailey and parker!
Melissa bėñđěř I know there are wins out there...pleases tell me yall got em
Anybdoy got wins from her I know they gotta be out there she in the 843 area
Anybody got wins from Courtney (L)okay from the 843 area she gotta phat ass
Brooke (C)annon anybody have any wins from her she's in the 843 area big titties
Anyone have James island / west Ashley girls?? Bump for bailey b and parker k
Bump for Baileyb and Parkerk
Did anyone get Lexie (c)Roy nudes while she used 0F?
Anything in Emilee L from Summerville? They were on the old board but apparently I lost them.