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KAI Anonymous 10/09/2021 (Sat) 17:22:59 No. 9024
kai thread please. post what you got
(60.11 KB 274x382 Capturekaiprivate4.PNG)
who has these ???
Need that shower show. Anyone have a shot of those tits?
bump for kai booty. its such a cute booty.
kai has a sexy body. fit as hell with some nice tits.
Jesssusssss. Where's the video on this? Thank youuuu
those are from the private peri broadcasts. the early stuff kai was sporting a full vagina beard :)
(38.11 KB 228x333 Capturekai0008.PNG)
her private feeds were crazy hott . that dude must have been in them. he needs to post more
I've got a short video of you know where i can upload it.
>>9024 an0nfiles
>>9684 fuck off
>>9684 Park
an0nfiles com/ Z6d74aNcu1/ kai-20200213-041237_MP4
take some screen shots off that kai anon-file. i cant get site to work. ty for being a bro.
>>9772 Hell yeah bro!
>>9678 post more. you da man
ANON DIDNT WORK. post meg/a or pics from video here.
>>9870 It works idiot. Maybe you can post yourself instead of whining you can't figure out how to access the shares of others.
someone needs to dro pmore of this beauty
Holy shit yes dude! Been looking for her for ages!
hello my slaves. post my nudes or stop jerking off to me. im fit asf. everybody loves my hairy coochi. i have the cutest ass, even old creepy useless biden wants to sniff it. so post now or suffer
(3.39 KB 635x61 Capturenotta.PNG)
(3.39 KB 635x61 Capturenotta.PNG)
doesnt work fag. im taking you in. book him on fraud charges
Literal retard no joke
i wanna sniff her. post her me/ga with lots of videos
(53.33 KB 469x657 Untitled.jpg)
The stuff in this thread is all I've ever seen surface from Kai. I bet nothing more comes out here, unfortunately. In other news, this just happened:
ive ordered a kai investigation. her cute booty will change the economy
>>10120 Neck yourself, scammer
>>10043 Remove the god damn spaces you shitlark.
look you little boys. post my gurl kai . she has a great ass.
>>10178 >being this triggered online about some slut's nudes
post her mother fucking videos !!!!!!!!!!! now bish !!!!!!!!!
someone post the 3 hour bate vid
she had a couple of bait videos. till some d-bag tried to bm her. i seen the bait video when it looked like she had buck wheat in a headlock. that coochi was a hairy mofo. then she tried trimming it back. 4 the next 1 :)
(739.17 KB 1080x2121 [REQ]more Kai.jpg)
(533.63 KB 364x625 kai999045.PNG)
(54.99 KB 148x176 Capturekai777475.PNG)
This chick looks exactly like this chick
bump burger. rambo has lots of kai
(267.85 KB 303x458 kai6549.PNG)
kai bump . whos gonna step up
kai just put out a sex tape. lesbian 1. who has it ??
(282.91 KB 352x436 kai lesbian sex tape 332.PNG)
(392.15 KB 410x469 kai lesbian sex tape 445.PNG)
more bump
>>10590 How are you finding this out? She got OF or something?
dude quit beig gullible. those pics are from a vid where she's just horsing around with her sister, no lesbian sex.
kai lesbo video please
post kai and sis video. lets see them getting it on :)
in that video. when her sister gets naked and bites kai's ass i almost died
>>10650 Troll less harder, you'll sound way more believable.
kai has started dating guys. she said the sex tape was boring.
she got over her retard lesbo/tranny phase, and got knocked up by some dude, had his FORBIDDEN
had his offspring
>>10702 What is it with you retards forcing trannies into everything?
post da birth pictures :)
>>10704 Dude I totally hear ya but to be fair, in this case this girl actually did go through a full-blown "I'm a trans man" phase. If I recall correctly she was binding her tits and everything. Although it was so predictable she'd grow out of it.
the best was when kai went on peri dressed as a dude with a beard. most of the dorks fell for it and left the broadcast. once it was down to shit number. kai took her shirt off for like 5 minutes. good times.
I've posted the nudes so far, and this is the last of what I've got. A 1m video, this is the best of it. Someone have any others?
>>10764 well dang dude, thx for posting. would luv to see a 1 minute video!