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Shalece Brafford Andrew G 07/06/2021 (Tue) 16:17:08 No. 2
Any nudes of her? She unfriended me on Facebook. It getting old jacking off to the pics I have of her.
Did you get any?
I guess nobody has anything? Whatever happened to that Justin guy that said he can still get with her?
>>2 Here you go.
Holy shit I knew they were out their. Dam this is sexy
Oh my god. She’s perfect. I definitely wanna see more.
>>36 Yo why the fuck would you put your first name and last initial? You're fucking retarded. You narrowed it down to yourself dummy
At least I got a nude.
>>38 From a bitch with a twelveyearoldsbody, flatter than a pancake.
>>39 And she sexy.
Damn homes nice win.
Anymore wins of this girl? I recognize her from a shoe store in taylorsville
She sucks dick so good. We were at the drive in movies and she made me cum in her mouth and she swallowed it all.
Damn she fucked in front of a group at a party. I’ve fucked her but their aint much to hold onto. 34a tits