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Your Bestie 07/11/2021 (Sun) 21:13:40 No. 14
Nice legs. Great ass
would love to see more
Any more? She’s sexy
very nice! was she wearing panties?
No panties
(275.24 KB 359x640 IMG_8110.PNG)
(272.08 KB 359x640 IMG_7962.PNG)
(269.80 KB 359x640 IMG_8169.PNG)
(274.91 KB 359x640 IMG_8152.PNG)
(275.59 KB 359x640 IMG_7969.PNG)
>>66 wtf u on about, everything matches the backdrop purple band on wrist mole near her asshole
>>68 I'm not >>66 but I believe what that guy meant was that it could be STAGED. So far I don't know why he would think that though, I've managed to record stuff very similar to what we see here and it's not staged, one just has to have the right techniques and also a good portion of luck. And before any1 asks, no, I'm not going to share or tr ade.
>>71 nahh don't think its staged. The dark shadowed left corner strongly suggests the camera is hiding behind something.
>>75 staged by a pro stager
>>85 lmfao just hope we get to see the video
bump for video
I remember seeing other videos of her in the bathtub and changing can't seen to find them