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Anonymous 07/08/2021 (Thu) 09:32:21 No. 5
I want to set up something like this. From what I read, cameras like these are impossible to find for sale. I want to create one myself. I know that it uses NIR (near infrared) and cameras that can detect that range. For obvious reasons, the exact specs seems difficult to find. I want to know what range (in nm) I need to light with infrared led/lights and how to make cameras (smartphone, security camera, whatever camera) see that range to get something like this. Could be handheld, doesn't have to be, although it is preferred. On a side note, I want the safest way to hide a camera in the bathroom. Putting a camera in a box, bottle, clock, charger, etc all seem too well known now. If someone is aware enough after seeing a news article about it, they will see it and call the cops. I want to install a camera that is undetectable given an infinite budget and infinite control over the space. Like maybe a camera + NUC hidden behind a 500lb two way mirror bolted down made to seem like decoration with a mechanical arm that controls a block of metal to hide the lens from a hidden camera detectors. Im talking about some system that can't be detected, investigated, or even questioned without the tools and know-how.
(307.17 KB 2996x1685 op8xray.jpeg)
Just get a OnePlus 8, they do xray like this. If I recall, they have disabled this through an update, but you can roll it back via a patch from someone off xda-devs. Good luck
>>5 I actually made something like this using a cheap action camera from amazon. Took the lens out and removed the red IR filter. You get a redish tint to your videos and the focus can be a challenge but it does somewhat "see through" items and easily detects any IR source. I've only used it once but I can post some sample pics if you'd like
>>7 pls upload
>>7 That would be awesome. Is there a way to color correct it? Also, if you could post the sample pictures and a simple tutorial/reference for the process you undertook would be great.
>>6 As my post suggests, I want it as FORBIDDENrete as possible, meaning I would prefer it to be as small as possible. I have added the OnePlus 8 to my "last ditch effort" list in case I can't find any comparable solutions.
>>10 Appears that dee eye es see is filtered. I want it to be as hidden as possible.
bumping this shit, was interesting. Any news OP?
You need to get a Sony Digital Hi8 camcorder with Nightshot from approx. 1998-2002. The only problem is that the quality is potato-cam level. You could possibly run a firewire out and capture the video directly to a laptop for slightly better quality than Hi8 tapes, but it will probably only output 480i at best. See links: http:// kaya-optics (dot) com/technology/why_sony_nightshot.asp https:// m.you tube (dot) com/watch?v=3Q9WnPU8mig
>>269 That is great. However, I am looking for something that is great if not excellent quality. 1080p minimum, 4k is what I'm going for. My main thought process for this project is that there are products like the Sony Digital Hi8 with Nightshot that already exist. I want to know why and how it works to either do it myself or find a modern product that can be modified to achieve the same xray effect. The last thing I want to do is go to a local college and take a class in optics...
"with a mechanical arm that controls a block of metal to hide the lens from a hidden camera detectors" lmaooooooo
Unfortunately Sony caught on to this and changed the Nightshot to not work as well in the daylight. Only the first generation nightshot was capable of this, however there is a possibility that with the right lens filter attachments you could get the modern Sony nightshot 4K camera to replicate this. Play around with polorized and other lens filters. What you should also check into is body scanners tech, like the ones at a!rp0rts. The end goal is to have g00gle glasses with xray vision sometime in the future. Good luck.
>>401 You'd be surprised how easy it is to find hidden cameras using lens detectors ($30 solution on Amazon). Not gonna do time or get sued for something that is literally avoidable. All it takes is for one person to buy this thing on Amazon and do a sweep of the bathroom and you are going to go to jail. The whole point of this post is to find a solution that captures high quality shots with added benefit of xrays while literally never ever getting caught, either by people who passively or actively look for one.
what if a smart mirror was built into a medicine cabinet/mirror, with a camera and a motion sensor connected. wire the motion sensor to turn on the screen and if it comes up, say the camera lens is only a second motion sensor set up for redundancy. with a pi build, it could be wired with existing electrical. piggy back the needed data connection for news and weather info to save video somewhere offsite.
>>440 Bingo, this would be the best way to do it. Hiding in plain site
pretty sure I've seen this exact video from the OP a long time ago. what's it called again?
>>6 Interesting. What would be the update to go back to on one plus 8?
>>5 So they could improve on this tech if they really wanted too right?
bump http:// niceupskirt. com/tag/xray-voyeur
https:// anonfiles .com/h4e9g4O5u0/57jad.mp4_rar
https:// anonfiles. com/h4e9g4O5u0/57jad.mp4_rar
I was thinking of getting either a small spy camera and hiding it in a vent or getting a camera disguised as a usb charging port. Anyone have any success with these, or could recemend a camera (i dont care about infrared)
>>688 The USB charging port cameras are so incredibly obvious it's not even funny. Not worth it, and don't risk it.
>>688 I've had success with an old phone, stuffed in a sock with a hole cut out for the lens. I used a dashcam app (free) to autorespam the video. Just stuffed it in the bottom of an open closet on the floor, aimed in the right direction. Worked remarkably well. If it was smaller, I could probably hide it in better spots, but it gets gets job done. I used to use this app on the Play Store called IP Webcam. It would send out the video on a specific IP address which you could link to VLC on your computer and then respam it there. But it's simply better quality to respam right to the phone. Dashcam apps let you turn off the screen and mess with all the respaming settings.
What I did was hollowed out one of those toilet bowl fresheners and put a small wifi camera in it. It works great and is pretty much undetectable. I get to watch my girlfriend piss all of the time. She tends to like to spread her legs wide open on the toilet so I get some insane views. Also it's nice when she has friends over.
>>1038 can you give more detail on what camera you might use or what freshener? Doesn't she want to change it because it doesn't smell fresh anymore? Pics of the setup?
Why not just ask your friends to play strip poker with you or something? Might work, and it would save you a huge headache.
>>1038 For real what kinda cam did you use and sh o pocs of the finished freshener
(1.98 MB 4032x1960 20211211_024918.jpg)
She never checks the toilet freshener because she is used to me doing it. I normally keep a real freshener in unless I'm using the camera. It's nice because its wifi so I can watch her live from other rooms. It's just a gutted micro camera and modified toilet freshener from amazon. Cost like $60 total and I get some insane pussy videos. All I ask is that of you're going to do this, please share the videos.
>>1180 Nice dude... Wheres your videos?
No offence but is there actually any thrill in spying on your own girlfriend? Seems like it would be like stealing money from your own wallet.
>>1190 So what hopefully he'll share some vids or pics
>>1373 Your link is bs
>>1180 Post some vids from your freshener
I dont feel comfortable posting my girlfriends pussy online but she has a hot friend who has been out of town that I've been waiting to respam for a while. As soon as she comes over I'll update this with photos from the freshener
>>1470 Please do and understood but if its just the pussy no face does it matter?
To me yes. After reading through plenty of posts on here, theres a lot of people that will shit talk photos and make fun of girls and I'd just rather not deal with that relating to my gf
>>1479 Too bad man.. Would love to see what you get from your cam
>>1470 Share em...
>>1470 You shouldnt be worried about people saying shit about an anonymous pussy with no face and Im sure that everyone would be appreciative to see what your cam does..
>>1500 For real
>>1479 Share the pics or vids dude now ones gonna talk shit.. We all wanna see your gf pussy and how well your set up works
Come on bro share the wealth would love to see your girls pussy and what you get from your cam..
>>1470 Has the friend come over yet??? Post your girls pussy too please
Hey fellow fappers.. is this the only website you guys use? I know their has to be similar sites you guys are using. Help a bro out
The OPs never gonna come through with his girlfriend or her friend
(345.69 KB 878x1698 20220110_114352.jpg)
I told y'all I'd post more of her friend when she gets back in town. Shes back now but I have to wait for her to come over. I'll start a new thread when she does with pictures from the freshener. For now you can have this. This is her friend I'm talking about. This photo is from last year before I built the freshener cam. She was supposed to stay the night so I was hoping to catch her undressing for the shower. Sadly she didnt so i only got her pulling down her pants to piss. She unfortunately never faced the camera with her pants down.
>>1636 Hot
>>1636 nice thx OP, i have some oc toilet wins and yea you often don't get to see what you hoped for sadly. very interested in your setup, mine is good too but like what you've done
>>1636 Too bad you wont share your girls pussy would love to see that view.. Hopefully you get some good ones of her friend soon
sadly my cam just broke. I just ordered 2 new ones though but ill have to basically gut them and rebuild the freshener cam (A little more waterproof this time lol) Hopefully with 2 cams going i can catch some more interesting angles. Ill have one in the heater vent with the angle i posted so shes visible if she showers, and one in the toilet freshener.
(321.03 KB 1421x683 Untitled.png)
Also in case y'all are interested in the angle from the freshener, here it is. i whited out some stuff on the back of the toilet because i dont want someone who knows me to recognize my bathroom. The angle is perfect and looks directly at her pussy. Like i said before, as soon as her friend comes over, ill post more. This is also from the 1st one i built so there is no longer a dark spot on the left side of the screen.
>>1666 >i dont want someone who knows me to recognize my bathroom how could you possibly expect someone to recognize your bathroom from the inside of your toilet bowl >holy shit i recognize that toilet bowl, thats joe anon's 2nd story bathroom at 123 main st lansing michigan
>>1667 Listen I'm posting what I feel comfortable posting. This is original content. I could always just not post anything.
link to cam you use?
>>1669 Since I'm building another one should I just do a entire post on how to build it when the new cams get here?
>>1670 Yes... Show the build.. But would like to see what it has captured so far
I have a sony camera with nightshot and I live around a college campus... help me figure the best way to use it and ill post the content.
>>1733 go to some swim meets? >>1667 you don't have "joe anon's 2nd story bathroom at 123 main st lansing michigan" bathroom wall art? philistine
>>1180 Whats the update..