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Summer 07/16/2021 (Fri) 07:18:21 No. 66
Any Summer? Used to work at Spirits
(1005.27 KB 720x947 Capture+_2021-01-14-23-20-04~2.png)
anyone got her bbc gangbang video?
(837.64 KB 720x1196 Capture+_2020-08-16-13-04-33.png)
>>98 never seen any of her premium content. But it's believable it exists. Be nice if someone posted the FORBIDDEN to her dropbox. I've heard that's pretty good
>>109 that's the video. like 4 black guys in that room. it starts with her getting fingered in that pic.
(657.74 KB 720x1196 Capture+_2021-07-21-04-33-22.png)
>>113 damn, I've only seen that short ass preview. She's such a whore. I remember some dudes asking if she'd do gangbang one night and she got super shitty with them, like she would never and told them all they were disgusting😂
Best young whore
Damn what's her name? Love a BBC whore, what's her only? I'll buy and post the video
>>122 Sum-buttcheeks
(822.51 KB 720x1196 Capture+_2021-07-21-04-33-10.png)
>>122 Hell yeah! Bro be warned, she's a real cunt if you "come out your mouth wrong" to her, even if you don't say anything really wrong, lol
>>122 She wants 300-400 for the video
>>150 No fackin way! It's probably shot all shitty too and 5 minutes long. What a scammer, meanwhile this was on her Twitter like a week ago
>>151 I promise you that video isn’t even close to 5 minutes long and there is no longer version. If she says there is trust me there isn’t and never was. Her head is terrible anyways like she does this side to side thing that’s unique for all the wrong reasons like it’s just awful. Save yourself time and just don’t.
(883.22 KB 720x1196 Capture+_2021-07-26-02-21-45.png)
>>164 so she sucks and bangs 4 dudes in less than 5 minutes? I'm confused, lol. So it's just garbage is what you're saying. Still though it'd be nice to see but for hundreds of dollars I'd expect like a hours long 500 dude gangbang with appearances from her old teachers and bosses to spice it up, lmao
(631.44 KB 720x1196 Capture+_2021-07-21-04-32-13.png)
>>165 Damn! There a vid to go with the screen capture?
Where is everyone getting the screen caps ?
For such a depressed hoe she sure acts like her pussy and time is golden
honestly she should just kill herself. she's just a collection of holes to fuck. she's literally a worthless human being with no future.
>>172 What are "most women"? Alex: correct for 1000
(1008.71 KB 720x947 Capture+_2021-01-14-23-20-04~3.png)
>>170 they're prolly from her onlyscams page. No one has any hard vids to post?
>>184 Dude look at her why do you even want it lmfao
>>185 i guess sometimes you just want to watch a worthless titless whore get railed by a bunch of dudes and used as a cum dumpster because she's a local slut you could fuck and blow your load all over but probably won't because she's a nasty bitch. Know what m saying, lmao
I wouldn’t mind fucking her but I feel you gotta be just as worthless as her to fuck
Isn’t she pretty
>>194 she's pretty when she's bent over, lmao
Imagine being 26 and the only thing you have to show for it is 8 years of terrible nudes. Just… just go back to college.
>>202 lmao, I'm always saying the same thing. Who buys this shit? How bout the pics where they crop their heads out, the fuck is that. #jerkintoaheadlesscorpse, bitches are retarded and cucktards buy that shit and actually bust to it. Shits like a 7 year old FORBIDDEN taking pictures
Damn no one has the goods? Thought this would have blown up considering how much of a whore she is and yes she has and maybe still does have sex for money
>>215 We’re saying why would you want the goods? Her longest videos are disgusting or disappointing and if it’s mildly decent then it’s only 13 seconds. That “gangbang” video is some dude thumbing her pussy not even fingering her but THUMBING her. You’ll be alright without it I promise. It’s gross at best.
>>229 man that's lame. So she rips people off, what a cunt. So she's just a wannabe ho with resevations white trash scam artist with jackolantern teeth and a pussy big enough to drive a golf cart into
>>250 lmao!!!! 😂
@non - v not com slash videos slash 180879 slash summer-0c36e660183f23e8
>>277 lame dude, that link was already posted. Post something we haven't seen
Would be dope to see that facial.
Don’t buy from her, she takes your money and runs, learned it the hard way
(79.69 KB 358x512 unnamed (4).jpg)
>>286 I've heard this from pretty much everyone who's bought her shitty content, she's a scammer. Someone should permanently borrow her phone and laptop and out her. Post the nasty shit, if it even exists, lol
>>109 My favorite part of this video is she is getting thumb banged (not even finger banged but fucking thumb banged) is the dude thumbing her ask his homie in the back if he wants to get some head or something and he’s just like “nah I’m straight” like of course he’s not touching that thing. I love that.
>>308 Post this video
>>310 I didn’t save it my guy plus it’s only maybe 30 seconds long and is only of one guy thumbing her. No other dudes. If she says there is a gang bang video she’s lying.
(178.95 KB 931x752 203_1000~2.jpg)
Her new job at K.C.'s lmfao
I don’t get it, this chick looks busted af. She’s built like wooden plank and her mouth looks like it was hit with one
She looks prettiest like this
She needs more cum
>>354 never seen this vid. Could you post it?
Ew she ugly
Her new name yall
i’m hiring a PI, y’all are weird af and this shit ain’t worth the charges and jail time. you’ve been warned 🤷🏼‍♀️
>>575 Your average PI cost $70/hr and I think you and I both know that’s out of your price range or you wouldn’t sell nudes for $6
Y’all should see her “twerking” video lol
>>575 I love when bitches come on here and try scare us cos we got hold of ur shitty nudes. Tell your PL I’m squirting my juices all over the screen to your comment. Don’t want nudes leaked next time send them to a dude who’s not a clear fuckboy or don’t sell them $5 a piece you prosty. Also ur clearly one of the bitches that “only take black dick cos white dick small lol” like you are literally asking for it when you let some big black dude respam you slurping his bbc Schlong. Maybe if u stopped tryna be like every other generic chick out there and settled for a dude your race you would have this problem. >>611 said it best. If you’re stupid enough to sell nudes that cheap you’re obviously stupid AND poor. Your PL doesn’t have time to put a case because you got slutty and regret it. Own up to it and face the consequences you made for yourself. Plus you have a great body but face is 3/10 tops, maybe get that sorted and you’ll find some guys who won’t leak your shit to everyone on the internet x Love you summer goodluck
>>865 re c o r d** this site has a long list of weird banned words
This bitch gave me herpes from a bj
>>868 damn dude, she's gross af
Is she still not fucking for money
>>1352 you mean she stopped doing that? It's known around town that she would do that. She used to post on t_w*i,t!t=r about it. She's super cringe and gross
>>868 Same has hiv might want to get tested
Eww, i thought i saw this bitch working at the mason dixon the other day. Had to get tf outta there, didn't want a herpesyphilitis burger 😷
In the burg?
In the burg?
>>1779 10-4