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Brother/sister 09/12/2021 (Sun) 22:55:02 No. 418
Anyone have the video of the brother and sister that would play on her bed and he would rub and grab on her butt? In another video he pulls her panties down and fingers her. I think he also setup cameras in her bathroom.
(22.88 KB 272x480 2000x2000.5.jpg)
you mean averagejoe. I've never heard of that last one, but you can still find some shower videos online, like one that was posted by a poor half-orphan boy named johnluc.
any anon got the pics/vids of the girl which gives her brother a blowjob?
>>418 If you're talking about Averagejoe, there was never a fingering video. https://anonfiles.com/x7Q3reHdu6/aj493_rar 4 of those vids. There are more which I couldn't find.
>>427 If AJ includes the girl in the picture of post >>422 She got fingered by the dude gor 5 seconds in a vid
>>428 l ink??
>>428 Yeah that’s the one I was talking about. >>423 Don’t remember a BJ one tho.
>>418 Stop making shit up with the pulling pants down and fingering ffs You know there's no such vid
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>>445 you got any brother sister stuff youre willing to share here?
>>441 Not the same two at all
I really don't think that's the same people.
>>441 That's not them ffs Prob some random bf/gf You guys will label almost anything incest smh
>>452 tbh idk about those video whether they incest or not, just upload people asking for that video, but yes i have real incest video. im sure cause i've got their family picture, their racial face same, like the boy calling her mom, etc
(84.42 KB 720x408 aj493-1.jpg)
(83.97 KB 720x408 aj493-2.jpg)
(109.30 KB 1080x608 aj493-3.jpg)
(27.31 KB 430x246 aj493-4.jpg)
(27.02 KB 430x246 aj493-6.jpg)
(30.25 KB 430x246 aj493-5.jpg)
>>428 >>437 >>441 The girl from the AverageJoe series has an amazing bush and never shaved. There IS a vid of her lifting up her skirt for him though along with 3 voyeur vids of her showering. Bunch of other vids rubbing and grabbing her ass but nothing too interesting outside those 4 vids. >>427 The quality of those reposts makes me sad :(
>>455 Could you post the set if you have it?
>>452 You’re an idiot. The girl literally says “what if mom walked in right now” in one of the video.
>>462 wtf you on about you imbecile? In video >>441 which i replied to, she says no such thing!!
"Please stop, thank you. Naaah I hate you"
I would love a backstory on what happened in the end with them to. Any names?
>>455 there's one where she does yoga i wonder if she was aware that his brother was a creep
>>473 She looks at the camera in one of the shower vids and doesn't do anything.
>>474 Lots of girls do that in lots of voy videos. People look around at things all the time. She did eventually find out tho. >>473 He was sharing the videos of her on youtube at the time and got doxxed soon after the shower videos were put up. Fags sent them to her and family and friends. He got spam out but I think they opted to just keep him out of the house and not go into any police charges.
>>428 Can confirm, I remember his profile in mless and that fingering video was not one of them. That's a different video.
>>473 Where this vid?
>>455 Where's the vid laying on the bed?
>>481 >>482 coomer collectionists only bothered to backup the shower videos the rest are almost impossible to find