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File: 1592398553621.jpg (127.99 KB, 1103x1600, Snapchat-1537078183.jpg)

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kik goteveryting for wausau and point nudes



Looking for Maryssa F, there most be wins


Anyone have Mattie C


Who’s got Maryssa F I know they exist! Would pay


Makaela k?


Looking for Emily Edwards.
Have tons to trade in surrounding areas, like point, rapids, marshfield etc


Who in Rapids?


Well, do you have any of emily?

I have all kinds of different girls in rapids.


Do you have Michaela S?


If you got wins to trade from rapids hit me up I do as well


I don't have Emily but got others let's talk names


Who do you got from rapids and who do you want?


Looking for Jaclyn walta, Taylor olds April Johnson or Megan Thompson but who you got might be someone else id be interested in
I got
Anna herdolt, Sarah dawson, tandea roach Samantha bramstead and Jamie michaelick


Who you got don't have Emily but just put a list of others I got


Abbigal hanson, jaylee williams, rachel gordon, cecile ann, courtney harper, kyia hesso, nancee renee, sabrina krohn, and little bit of tiara Audrey

What other 2 do you want for anna, and Samantha



Courtney harper and Nancy renee


Hmu on sc and we'll discuss the trade



I have courtney harper and nancee renee. Tons of pussy, ass, tits, everything.


You dont have mackenzie lol


If he doesn’t have Mackenzie then who does?


He sent you his telegram link on the email. We aren't using wordfilter anymore


Anyone have any mosinee? Rarer ones that arent shared much?


Willing to dump 150+ girls for Mackenzie M this would include all of my never been shared before girls (about 20 of them)


Any mosinee girls from the never before shared list?


Yes a few. Dontask365 at proton mail dot com


File: 1608617441304.jpg (596.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201222-001017….jpg)

She got a onlyfans but don't post much since I've subscribed anyone got any good nudes from it


Yes I have bought them all


Scottie send them to me, and you guys should know dontask365 is John l Schultz the kid who got caught fuckung his German Shepard in wausau a few days ago and was posting animal porn online. Contact him for sure he has great stuff to trade 😂🤣😂🤣 and definitely dontask


Merry Christmas mom and dad


File: 1608637161251.jpg (613.15 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20201222-123809….jpg)

Oh shit watch out he is out on bond dontask365 on wordfilter


Oh shit you caught me 😂 maybe I should go into hiding with how much you know. I don’t know if my PO would like me posting on here.


Anymore Wausau girls with OnlyFans?


I know a wausau girl with only fans it's only 4 bucks


Link? Trying to find girls with OnlyFans around this area


What do you want to see the nude photos or videos


Everything dude.


File: 1609035645976-0.jpg (238.81 KB, 1064x1353, 20201226_201852.jpg)

File: 1609035645976-1.jpg (43.21 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1609034092582.jpg)

Not exactly sure where she lives now but ik its around here. Someone got wins of tose amazing tits


Let's get a chat going on SC or K I K don't need the free loaders enjoying


Says King freeloader himself lmfao. When is your hearing for fucking your dog you sick slant eyed fuck


1. Wrong guy

2. I’ve given “goteverything” over 20 girls some of which aren’t even in the folder I passed out, which means he is hoarding the good ones such as Emily Pauls, the good ones of maryssa Fenwick, the bottomly sisters etc.

You guys wanna talk about freeloading and the. Hoard shit and send bs back for good shit. You and your whole cult following of him, can simply get fucked


Yea im def not that guy I've also given got everything multiple women from rapids and appelton area


He only has wausau and point area if you sent Rapids and other stuff then he didn't reply because its of no interest. Should I send you girls from baron? No because it doesn't matter to you.
And dontask has 20 that he has from Himself 2 of witch are OK the other 130 are from goteveryting and then wonders why his IP is blocked and from all the groups and platforms we use.
Thats why we are keeping kenzie now aswell all 7 photos 😂🤣😂
And if dontask sends you Our mega link let us know if you want the rest to All the foldrrs as we made sure we took out all the good one before it was traded for pathetic non nude modeling pics he had to offer 😂🤣😂
Fuckin chump. Keep fucking your dog


“Pathetic non nude modeling photos” like layci Rae full nude? I bet a bunch of people would love to see that, or what about Emily Pauls I gave him? Or more of both maryssa Fenwick and full nudes of tori s, or Taylor D? Should I keep going or is that enough for ya? You guys can keep Mackenzie and feel on top of the world, because if that’s all you got, then I got it all too. Was just hoping there was more after I got those pics a month ago. Bye fuckers!


Lmfao keep telling yourself that kid deep down you know what you got and where it came from. 😂🤣😂 yourwelcome…. sincerely #the715cult lmfao rotflmmfao 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂


File: 1609173035555.gif (2.13 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)




I do agree. GotEveryting is literally hoarding everything, and if you have woman to trade, he’ll let you send them all over to him, and if he doesn’t have interest, he’ll just wait for you to dump yours and then tell you too fuck off, and not send anything because “I’m not interested in those woman” and then send bullshit fully clothed “wins”, if he decides to send anything. He is literally hoarding everything and the reason the Wausau and point wins are dead.


^^^ this guy gets it


If anyone wants the full folder of every nude he has been touting around about, just email me. I won’t ask for anything in return it’s Dontask365 at ProtonMail dot com

If you want to send me shit I won’t be upset but you don’t have to


You have a half ass mega folder that's been picked threw before it was given to you. We have 390 folders what do you have that's actually yours lmfao nice try kid now go back to your german Shepard


There are people who trade with you that we talk to so we already know what you have and you don't have shit shit that isn't from us beside 7 and 2 of witch are OK lmfao I know that gets under your skin but hey when you wanna be a bitch you'll be treated like one too 😘


If they are all shit then here you go hunny 😘 bye!



That's cute. Lmfao and again your welcome




Now you don't have shit literally you gave it all out and it wasn't even yours lmfao your pathetic kid. 🤣😂😴🙄


You’re and I lost interest in this shit a month ago so that’s all yours and don’t worry I kept the best for myself just like goteverything


File: 1609214080918.jpg (279.29 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20201229-045342….jpg)

Now you don't have shit literally you gave it all out and it wasn't even yours lmfao your pathetic kid. 🤣😂😴🙄 literally you don't have anything look at the folder differences 🤣😂🤣😂


Meh, not worried lol I give what I can I really really don’t give a shit because if all of that was held back after I gave out over 20 different girls then this whole shit wasn’t worth my time anyway. Keep thinking you’re bill gates because at the end of the day you’re a fat fuck in your basement trying to get a bunch of nudes of girls that wouldn’t give you the time of day and thinking you’re a god, you’re only win in life is having people send you nudes of girls that you’ll never get and then claiming them “yours”. If this is your whole life, you have a sad sad life. Those nudes are your only escape from when your uncle tore your ass when you were 5 so go ahead and have more of them. I don’t care I deleted my entire folder, my k. 1. K. My email, everything. Y’all can have this shit bye!


Lmfao go take it out on your german Shepard you sick bastard… byeeeeee 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️


Can't we all just get along


Just post up all the nudes lol


Do it


Or reupload the mega since it has already been taken down. Lol can someone post the Tianna P wins?


Why you gotta ruin a good link for?! Someone share another link. I know someone hit the download button before it got taken down. Share again yall!


Why you gotta ruin a good link for?! Someone share another link. I know someone hit the download button before it got taken down. Share again yall!


That link was posted by the guy that fucked his German shepard and posted Videos online a few weeks ago. It was reported and he's probably in jail for breaking his bond.


Merry Christmas mom and dad


I May or May not have Gottes that link k I k JoeyDoobiez


Yea im good joeydoobiez. I'll just wait for another goat to post up a link


Good luck


Hey does anyone have anything of carly Berg? I know some people used to have a bunch.


Someone should post up that mega again


Let this fucking thread die!!! God damn. No fucking wins and a dog fucker to boot?? SMDH


Agreed, hang the dog fucker then cut his fucking head off ha


Saw D0lly M0ua in one of those mega folders. Can someone reupload?


So how about that link or a wordfilter to who has it? 😂


K I k JoeyDoobiez


Olivia T (rhymes with florez) from Wausau?


Have or want?


Want and potentially willing to trade


Want and maybe willing to trade for


That depends on whether or not you actually have them


Hers no but many many many others. My kIi k is 4 Comments up. Get at me or not up to u


She’s the only girl I know from the area but cheers mate


File: 1611266463603-0.jpg (102.49 KB, 417x799, 20210121_155924.jpg)

File: 1611266463603-1.jpg (343.48 KB, 760x1315, 20210121_155907.jpg)

Whos got wins of this big titty hottie to trade for


File: 1611881873542.jpg (41.86 KB, 445x720, chatpic.org_076313f2eab940….jpg)

Who here knows this chick from Wausau? Names Alyssa. If anyone does Ill share some nudes.


File: 1611883468904.jpg (461.42 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20210128-192301….jpg)


This her? This was posted in the "715 Wausau" thread


Yeah. I forgot I posted that there too. Im just trying to see if anyone knows her on here.


google "Alyssa clothed, ass and some other nudes"


Okay, but Im looking to see if anyone actually knows her.


Can anyone repost that mega link?


Yes but not gonna, give to recieve ma'am


This thread is fucking pathetic…just like you trading fags


LOL what do you want?


Oh Oo looks like the dog fucker is flipping out again. if it is so pathetic then fuck off. :) and you can k i kk k me JoeyDoobiez


I see one of you has Jaylee Williams?


Where do I get Layci Rae? Keep the rest


I have 300+ of layci wordfilter JoeyDoobiez


Anyone got kaileigh r or Kaylee F? Used to be L.


What kind of bs wordfilter is that? Lmao 10 dollar membership for porneeo trash?


This guy ain’t got shit. What a talker


Byer sisters from Merrill?


Nobody is going to give you everything you want if you only have corn fed bitches or nothing at all in return.


File: 1614679696919.jpg (793.52 KB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20210302-110625….jpg)

Hey Princess I have what you want if you wouldn't be a demanding count and had something to dish out you'd have it to. Now pull that tampon out and be a man


File: 1614708094481.jpg (655.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210302-115847….jpg)

>>6640 would love to see more of her… this was the I've ever had to a win. #608guy


File: 1614708186103.jpg (777.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210302-115923….jpg)

From #608guy


Joey get on telegram I sent you a new link and invite in your Dmail

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