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Anonymous 11/22/2021 (Mon) 16:07:41 No. 10654
Who is this and who has more????
I have a couple of vids. One is a cap of the year contender. If anyone has more of her or anything else good I might share.
>>10657 Post a screenshot of the cap at the 4:36 timestamp and ill dump what I have
You sound like you downloaded a video. I capped these myself so there's no chance of them syncing up unless respam was hit by 2 people at the exact same second. Also no I don't believe you will post what you have in exchange for a screencap, but if you have any more girls from that source then maybe we can -
You both of hoarding shit nuggets Shut the fuck up
(1.32 MB preview.mp4)
>>10722 Fuck I need this 🥵
>>10706 I was just saying this to prove that you have anything, which you obviously don't. The Punjabs have really ruined this board
>>10733 So that was your plan huh? >I'll tell him I will share for a screencap hurr hurr he will surely fall for that. Genius, I'm sure you will fool a lot of people with such a cunning plan. I just posted >>10722 faggot, I've shown I have video content meanwhile you just sc-d a few pics off her profile lmfao. It is YOU who has nothing that's why you're hear begging like the pajeet that you are. You have nothing, contribute nothing and yet you want handouts. Punjabs like you are the reason I never share freely on here. Either put up something valuable or you get nothing.
>>10735 Fuck that other guy, I don't have but I have vids I can share that'll be just as sexy as her. Ill up one of you do after?
Im not interested in - I was just hoping I could start the sharing. No sweat, hope you find someone
Who is this girl? OP looks like Emmy but the preview vid shared is def not Emmy
>>10738 My apologies my man but I'd rather not share here just to spite that punjab faggot. Sucks that one shithead has to ruin it for everyone
>>10742 I relate lol. Whats this girls name? Im interested enough to try and find her
Someone drop the goods
Lmao. Angel/Shadow. Still does privates on a certain app. And that isn’t even her best performance, the paintbrush/toy one is from when she was “only painting today”.
I used to get stuff from her daily… Got a new profile and lost her Instagram.. Someone help me with her insta and I will share what I get.
>>10803 Prove you have something first
>>10803 Yeah, going to need some kind of proof there since anyone she talks to on insta knows the other place she spends all her time. Lol.
I don’t have that phone anymore… But I can get more for sure! I just forgot her username dude…
>>10848 We can get it just fine without your help thanks. In fact if you're dumb enough to lose the content with your phone and not back it up then you're more of a liability to us.
>>10783 If you got any other girls from there and want to exhcnage lmk
I just need her insta user so I can get new stuff for myself… It’s simple really…..
>>10885 eat shit pajeet you just wanna bm her
>>10885 The problem with that is that I get nothing out of it. In fact it's potentially negative for me because you could be another Wk or BM of which there are many. If you were to give us a gift, say some unseen win (of any girl) then I'll take the chance and give you the name but you gotta pay the toll first.